John Oliver Shreds 'Unshackled Trump,' for Spouting the Insane Conspiracy Theories of a Cult Leader

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver is having a field day with Donald Trump's first week of being "unshackled," which the GOP nominee announced via Twitter, of course. After comparing Trump's status to a combination of "Frankenstein's monster and a rabid dog," Oliver gave a run-down of Trump's new strategy.

"First he burned bridges with his own party, calling Paul Ryan weak and ineffective and then at campaign rallies, dialed the knob up to full-on conspiracy theorist," Oliver explained.

"Hillary Clinton meet in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty," Trump announced in West Palm Beach.

"This is a conspiracy against you, the American people and we can not let this happen or continue," Trump continued, pointing emphatically.

"Holy sh*t. That is not the kind of thing a presidential candidate says!" remarked Oliver, imitating Trump's motions. "It's the thing that a man in a tin foil hat screams inside his concrete bunker because he thinks his soup cans have been bugged by the lizard people in the White House." 

But Trump isn't just rebelling against the media or the GOP; He's rebelling against his own campaign. And even campaign manager Kellyanne Conway can't get Trump to stay on message anymore. In fact, as Oliver points out, her efforts have boiled down to shouting at her candidate during his speeches from the crowd.

"It's not a great indication for how much control she has over her candidate... like she's already thinking ahead to her campaign tell-all book or possibly tell-all trial at the Hague," Oliver noted.

And that's not even the worst part. Trump has brought back one of his favorite conspiracy theories as the election nears; that the election will be rigged.

"It's rigged like you've never seen before, you see what's happening, the process is rigged, this whole election is being rigged," Trump told supporters. Oliver then explains why this theory is "legitimately dangerous" and how it adds to the picture Trump is painting of himself; "the only source of truth and goodness in America."

"I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you," Trump said, and then proceeded to prepare supporters for their "journey to heaven."

"We have known for a while that Donald Trump believes he's the second coming of Christ," Oliver said. "But it turns out he might mean that literally; the only real difference is with Christ we think 'what would Jesus do' and [with Trump we think] 'Jesus, what the f*ck did you just do?!"


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