In Hot Water? Watch 10 Celebs Put O'Reilly's Sidekick Jesse Watters to Shame


If you don't watch a lot of late-night Fox News, you may not even heard of "Watters World" before this week, when its host Jesse Watters came under fire for a blatantly racist Chinatown skit. Watters, a political commentator, has hosted his own monthly Fox News program for nearly a year alongside Bill O'Reilly's "O'Reilly Report." A major part of the show is Watters' "man on the street" interviews, which usually involve humiliating poor people and people of color for his and his viewers' amusement. However, on occasion, Watters meets famous people who don't take his leading questions as lightly.

Here are 10 of those moments.

1. Donna Brazile

When asked by Watters in the presidential debate spin room if she was "surprised" by Hillary Clinton seeming "weak on law and order" an exasperated Brazile simply reiterated moderator Lester Holt's response. 

"It was proved to be unconstitutional," the Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee said.

"The case is still ongoing. That's incorrect," Watters retorted. 

"I'll talk to another person," Brazile said, turning to a group of reporters. 

2. John Slattery

"Are you disappointed in President Obama at all?" Watters asked John Slattery at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014. 

"No, I'm disappointed in Bill O'Reilly," the actor answered.

3. Marisa Tomei

"I don't know why you're being provocative, but yuck," Tomei told Watters at Sundance when he asked her a similar question. 

4. Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo was not having it when Watters cornered him on issues such as the Benghazi attack and government spending. 

"Who's cutting the protection? Who's cutting the budget?" Ruffalo asked Watters. "The Republicans."

5. Al Sharpton

Sharpton's brutal takedown of Watters occurred at Sharpton's National Action Network in New York City last month. After the Fox host made a backhanded remark about Sharpton's rumored tax scandal, Sharpton put Watters to shame.

"I'm finished with the IRS, that's been all cleared up, any more distortions? What you didn't think is, I'd come talk to you. Maybe you'll grow up one day, be like Bill O'Reilly," Sharpton told Watters. 

6. Ben Jealous

"I'm okay with cities protecting families and making sure that children are not made unsafe if we deport their parents and we leave them here," the NAACP president told Watters at the Democratic National Convention when asked about sanctuary cities, which O'Reilly openly opposes.  

7. Cornel West

"Do blue lives matter?" Watters asked the activist.

"Absolutely, red lives matter... all lives matter, but divisive legacy of white supremacy tells us that none of those lives can really matter until black lives matter," West said. 

8. Michael Strahan

The pro football player set a trap for Watters at a 2014 Super Bowl celebration.

"How good are you?" Strahan asked Watters when asked about his philosophy on sex before the Super Bowl. 

"Probably 10/10," Watters answered.

"On a scale from 10-1, maybe," Strahan shot back. 

9. Erin Andrews

Watters couldn't figure out why Andrews rebuffed his invitation to come on the show. After all, she works for Fox! Then again, he thought asking a female sportscaster if she'd date a certain player wasn't at all a "weird question," as Andrews told him in the segment. 

10. Ashley Judd

Judd met Watters while protesting at the Democratic National Convention. 

"I think you're a Hillary girl," Watters awkwardly told the actress when she refused to answer his question about who she would be supporting in the general election.

"Well, I'm past puberty, so I'm a woman," Judd retorted. 

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