Even More Republicans Jump Ship from Trump After the Debate; Now Paul Ryan Signals a Total Estrangement

Following Sunday night's debate, the number of Republicans bailing on Trump continue to mount, with Paul Ryan the latest in a string of national names. Ryan's spokeswoman Ashlee Strong said in a statement Monday, "The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities."

Trump haters shouldn't put away that Xanax (or those plans to move to Canada) just yet though, as he's proven his abilty to bounce back time and again, and we've got 29 days of mudslinging ahead of us. 

Perhaps Trump's campaign manager summed up the Republican mood best when she told Chris Matthews after the debate, “I’m in it until the bitter end, unless...."  

Oh, to know the multitudes contained within that pause. 

Following the 2005 Access Hollywood revelations, Republicans raced to retract their Trump support on Saturday and Sunday. 

Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho was the first to leave the Trump party, and the first in a series of solemn and sanctimonious statements, as reported by CNN

"This is not a decision that I have reached lightly, but his pattern of behavior has left me no choice. His repeated actions and comments toward women have been disrespectful, profane and demeaning." 

Not wanting to be left behind, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, an accomplished political gymnast who earlier claimed she would vote for Trump but not formally endorse him, told Twitter Saturday she would be writing in Pence instead.

Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain got in on the action, writing on Twitter and on his website that he too, would not be voting for Trump, and instead would write in "the name of some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be president."

Apparently a recording of Trump saying "p*ssy" was more of an incentive for McCain to back out than Trump's statement to a large crowd in Iowa in 2015: “He’s not a war hero...He’s a war hero because he was captured...I like people that weren’t captured.” 

Even former California governor/action star (and immigrant!) Arnold Schwarzenegger has had enough: 

While some of us were breathing into a paper bag/clutching our Xanax when Trump seemed to score points with Wikileaks revelations and lies that Clinton started birtherism, others like Reed Galen, a GOP consultant based in California, told Politico, “Trump might have shored up the base but it’s a temporary fix....The audio tape will continue to swirl and the congressional Republicans are in full lifeboat mode. Forty-five minutes of not acting like an insane person (much) will not pull his foundering campaign off the rocks.”

Threats to jail Hillary Clinton may have thrilled Breitbart readers, but he didn't win fans in people like Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, who tweeted: 

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