Dolly Parton Straight-Up Tells off Her Homophobic Fans and It's the Best

Queen of everything on the entire planet, Dolly Parton, has flown in on her jet made of rainbows to save us from more horrible election news, and for that we thank her eternally. How is she saving us this time? Why, by straight-up telling off her homophobic fans in the best possible way.

In an interview with Larry King, the singer and icon and generally incredible human addressed her judgmental Christian fans in the way that only Dolly really can, saying:

“I keep saying, ‘If you’re the fine Christian that you think you are, why are you judging people?’ That’s God’s job. We’re not God, we’re not judges, we’re supposed to love one another, we’re supposed to not judge. I’ve got too much work to do in my own to try to do God’s work too. I just think that we should be more loving, more caring. We are who we are. If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. And you should be allowed to be how you are and who you are.”

I always think the same exact things when I meet some Christian people who seem to be so full of hate, when their religion, at its core, teaches love and acceptance above all else.

Even though it might seem like, “Well, of course that should be the message,” it’s still so important for Dolly’s anti-LGBT fans to receive this message from her directly. She’s not being mean or judgmental towards Christians, which would obviously be hypocritical, but she’s also saying, “Look, let God judge, and leave them alone.”

In a world that’s still seeing so much violence against the LGBT community, it’s so important that more and more people are taught acceptance and love because that’s really what’s going to end the violence the community is experiencing.

I know it sounds simplistic, but at the root of a lot of the awful things we’ve seen happening in the world in terms of violence against queer people, it all stems from some kind of hate. And if we can find a way to remove that hate as much as we can, it will actually create a safer, better world for everyone.

OK, now I’m done with my speech that sounds like it’s addressing small children, but hey, when you live in a world where people are killing people because of the gender of the person they love, it’s tempting to feel like you have to state the obvious.


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