Whoa: GOP State Senate Candidates Use All the Same Kids in TV Ads

Sometimes fiscal conservatism just doesn't pan out; that's one lesson that can be learned from doing a joint video shoot with every Republican Senate candidate in the same state. While there doesn't tend to be a lot of stand-out spots at the local level, there's something off about the Iowa Senate candidates: Each one of their ads features a different candidate with the exact same group of students in the same hallway. 

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The ads all start off the same as well: The candidates stand in front of a white background and introduce themselves and their platforms.

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 But the scene in the hallway with the same children appears to stand out the most. 

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However, how many Iowa voters will pick up on this? Currently the ads are exclusively online, but that could change soon. 

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And seeing one of these ads one right after another is fairly likely, given the candidates' similar media market. 

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"It’s not like the voters automatically stop paying attention when the ad that’s on their TV isn’t for the exact district they live in," Iowa Starting Line noted. 

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While coordinated shoots are typical for both major parties, they also often disassociate the candidates from the districts they represent.

"Authenticity is important in campaigns, especially for first-time candidates, and little things like this can matter," warned Iowa Starting Line, which also applauded the Republicans for their usage of Facebook marketing to get the word out, adding, "it seems the Republican Senate Majority Fund has figured out that it’s super cheap and easy to advertise on Facebook into specific districts. The Democrats should take note—it’s an area the Iowa Democratic Party has badly lagged in for years."

You can watch all the ads on the candidates' Facebook pages:

Waylon Brown

Dan Zumbach

Craig Johnson

Bonnie Sadler

Jeff Edler

Dan Dawson

Rene Gadhela

Mark Lofgren

h/t Pat Rynard


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