Joe Biden Goes to Town on Trump's Fact-Free Debate Disaster

Vice President Joe Biden was horrified by Monday night's presidential debate and it may take him a while longer to get over what he saw.

"I was watching by myself," he told "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon when asked about the heavily anticipated event, adding, "I've never quite seen anything like that." Given Donald Trump's tendency to lie, there was much emphasis placed on fact-checking, which Biden acknowledged certainly kept the Bloomberg folks busy. 

“I can tell you what, I’ve never seen anybody who knew so few facts,” he said. Biden also rehashed his memories of debating Sarah Palin in 2008, which over 70 millon people watched.

“It’s not a joke! It’s like, whoa!” Biden exclaimed. "We are in real jeopardy."

Biden surprisingly assessed that Trump "is probably a decent guy."

"But it’s his lack of sensibilities," Biden told Fallon. "I mean, the way he talks about, you know. ‘Well, you know, I was rooting for the housing market to fail because that’s business.’ That’s not business. That’s callous. I mean, that’s not business. Or, ‘I paid no taxes and that makes me smart.’ What does it make the rest us suckers?"

But it's not just that Trump the businessman is making these claims; it's that he's a presidential nominee.

"Can you think of any president, any president you’ve studied, read about or knew who would say anything like that?" Biden asked Fallon. "Name me one president who would do that. It angers me quite frankly."

Biden went on to explain that the American people resent something like that.

Biden then issued a warning for Trump. 

“The American people don’t like being played for suckers," Biden said. "And you know, you’ve got somebody working the assembly line making $51,000 and his wife making $50,000 working as, you know, in another factory. And they’re paying 15 percent of their income, they’re trying to raise two kids. I mean, I just don’t — I can’t imagine why somebody would say that."

Biden's dad had an answer for people who complain about their taxes.

"When someone says, ‘You know, Joe, I pay too much in taxes,’ he said, ‘Look, it’s a small price to pay to live in this country,'" Biden said. "I mean, just pay your fair share, for God’s sake."


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