Trump University? You Won't Believe This Other Under-the-Radar Bondi Scheme, Says Colbert (Video)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert is highly suspicious of the motive behind Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's decision to drop the Trump University case four days before recieving $25,000 from the Trump campaign.

After all, have you seen the Florida state seal?

"There were so many complaints from former students that even Florida was considering an investigation, and their state seal is someone dumping a body," Colbert told the audience, showing them the logo. 

But Florida's attorney general decided against investigating the "university," and has since denied that her office's decision was influenced by the money. 

"One thing’s for sure: Pam Bondi is the first person ever to make money from Trump University... other than Donald Trump," Colbert said after commenting on a fundraiser Trump held for Bondi soon after the case was dropped.

Colbert, along with most Americans, wasn't too familiar with Bondi before this. 

"I don't know if [Bondi] has questionable ethics, so I googled her and found this old [Tampa Bay Times] article, 'Pam Bondi Stole My Dog,'" Colbert said. The audience roared. 

The story is as follows: After Hurricane Katrina, Bondi adoped a dog who had been rescued from the disaster—one of hundreds saved by the Humane Society. However, the dog's owner resurfaced a year later and Bondi refused to give the family back their pet. Bondi battled the owners for months, but ultimately ended up surrendering the dog to the family.

The weirdest part? Bondi changed the dog's name from "Master Tank" to "Noah."

“That dog had the greatest name in the world and you changed it?” Colbert asked incredulously. “Seriously, what sounds better? ‘Time for dinner, Noah.’ Or ‘The meat feast is arrayed before you, Master Tank.'"

In all seriousness, “refusing to give back a dog to flood victims, but naming the dog after the most famous flood victim of all time is just cold,” Colbert continued. “Hi! I’m Pam, this is my daughter Kidnapped.” 



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