The Daily Show Host's Powerful Reaction to Recent Police Shootings Will Stay With You

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah often laughs when the news is sad, using humor as a tool to protect him from pain.

"One of those instances was in Tulsa," Noah opened Thursday night. "There was a shooting. Another shooting. A man by the name Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, right, was killed by the police.  Now, this time, the man's car was stranded in the middle of the road. And the police say they pulled up, and they weren't there because they thought he was threatening or anything. They had a call and they got there and this man was there and they said he refused to listen to their instructions," Noah told the audience. 

Noah admitted it's not entirely clear what happened, but there is the video released by the police department.

"The video doesn't look good," Noah continued and then showed the segment, an aerial view of the incident shot from a helicopter.

"Police say he was not cooperating...I don't get that-- not cooperating? Because, I mean, it sure looks like cooperation. His-his hands are up, right? Unless the cop was like, 'Put your hands in the air and now wave them like you just don't care.' And he was like, 'But I do care.' 'Oh, you're not cooperating. You're not cooperating. We got a guy who does care over here,'" Noah joked ruefully.

There is a bottom line. 

"What we do know is this, what we do know is this," Noah explained. "It seems extremely easy to get shot by police in America. Which is not right."

Noah then went on to point out we may not even acknowledge our implicit bias because it's become normalized. 

The attorney for the Tulsa officer who shot Crutcher assured people that Betty Shelby was in no way afraid of big black men. "She's worked in this part of town for quite some time," the attorney said. 

"Oh, yeah, yeah, she was at a football game," Noah restated. "Yeah. You know what? The truth is, I'm actually willing to accept that this police officer is not racist. But her lawyer's defense has introduced us to one of the bigger problems that you face in America, you know. Because in an American city, there's an all-black high school, and that's normal, instead of weird? You know? Living in a society where racial divisions are so deeply baked into every part of society that we don't even notice it anymore?"



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