Seth Meyers Busts Scammy Donald Trump Foundation: DTF Stands for 'Down to F You Over'

Election '16

Does GOP nominee Donald Trump illegally use foundation contributions to pay his own legal bills? Seth Meyers investigated the potentially criminal case, which The Washington Post broke on Tuesday.

"Donald Trump spent more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved the billionaire’s for-profit businesses, according to interviews and a review of legal documents," the Washington Post reported, citing several "newly documented expenditures," such as settling a flagpole height dispute at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, which ended up costing Trump a whopping $120,000. To settle the fines, Trump took funds from the charitable foundation in 2007, but stopped contributing soon after. 

"Trump gave relatively small donations in 2007 and 2008, and afterward, nothing. The foundation’s tax records show no donations from Trump since 2009," the Washington Post reported. 

“He put up a flagpole twice the legal height and refused to take it down,” Meyers said. “Sounds like he’s compensating for something. When Freud heard that, he tried to roll over in his grave — but he couldn’t, because he had a boner.” 

Trump's refusal to pay out prize money in a hole-in-one contest at his own golf course also led him to dip into the foundation's funds, to the tune of $1 million.

“He rigged the contest so it couldn’t be won,” Meyers said. “He’s like a carny working the ring toss at a state fair. There’s a reason the Donald Trump Foundation is abbreviated ‘DTF,’ because it is down to F you over.” 

Trump claims he has donated tens of millions of dollars of his own money to charity, but that's difficult to prove without his tax returns, which he won't release. 

"I personally don't buy that a guy who brags [the way Trump does] would be charitable on the down-low," Meyers said after showing a montage of Trump boasting about his wealth and "good brain."

Unfortunately, like every controversial Trump story, this one will probably get swept under the carpet. 

“The reason it probably won’t stick is the same reason none of Trump’s scandals ever seem to stick: He has no shame,” Meyers said. “In fact, when he’s confronted, he just doubles down. He’s like a dog who pees in the house, and when you rub his nose in it, he says, ‘Mmmm, I love the smell of my own urine.'”


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