Sam Bee Reveals Founder of 'Latinos for Trump' Came to U.S. to Meet His Undocumented Immigrant Parents

Donald Trump’s immigration speech nearly two weeks ago received mixed reviews.

“Hispanic supporters flee Donald Trump’s campaign after fiery immigration speech,” read one Washington Post headline.

Which raises the question: Who are Trump’s Hispanic and Latino supporters?

“Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has pushed Hispanics so far away from him, he may have already driven out all of America’s immigrants,” said “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee. “But there still is one member of the Hispanic community who wants to ‘make America great again.’”

Bee sent “Full Frontal” correspondent Mike Rubens to meet this rare Trump supporter, days before his bizarre MSNBC appearance in which he predicted what Rubens and most voters view as “culinary utopia.”

Marco Gutierrez founded Latinos for Trump, but you probably know him as the "taco truck” guy.

“As on MSNBC, Marco had a warning for people, that people should be afraid of people like Marco,” Rubens announced.

“Hispanics, we are a primitive and underdeveloped culture. We’ll take whatever we can take if you let us,” Gutierrez told Rubens.

“Are you saying we should be frightened of Mexicans?” Rubens asked dubiously. 

“Yes, you should be very frightened,” Gutierrez told the “Full Frontal” correspondent. 

The anti-Mexican immigrant Mexican immigrant came to America as a teenager to join his parents, who had come here “as illegal immigrants,” Gutierrez revealed. 

That’s not even the only ironic bit. After becoming a citizen, Gutierrez became a millionaire as a mortgage broker, but lost it all in the crash. And he's also been "accused of some shady business practices," as Mike Rubens revealed on a phone call with Noah Zinner, a lawyer who represented a client and said that Gutierrez "targeted vulnerable people."

Hmm, not-quite-legal immigrant family, shady business practices, and targeting the vulnerable... perhaps it's not so surprising Gutierrez admires Donald Trump.



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