Keith Olbermann Roasts Trump Pre-Debate by Pointing Out About 100 Terrible Things He's Said Just This Month

Election '16

Before an estimated 100 million Americans watch tonight's first presidential debate, GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann wants voters to consider some things, particularly things Trump has done just this past month. 

In a video released on September 13, 2016, Olbermann listed 176 reasons Donald Trump cannot and must not be elected president of the United States:

"That list was actually only half its original length and it still took nearly 17 minutes to read aloud, and since then, to my amazement, I have discovered at least two other lists that included dozens of other events that had flown by in such volume and so quickly that I had never even noticed them," Olbermann admits. 

Olbermann has since prepared a new list and most items on it have taken place just since September 9, although a few were ones he previously missed. 

According to Olbermann, "Trump has:

1) attacked Hillary Clinton for contracting pneumonia

2) attacked her and implied she was concealing still other illnesses

3) attacked her again with a false claim that she wants to eliminate the Second Amendment and then...

4) suggested her bodyguards be disarmed and quote 'let's see what happens to her'

5) attacked her a third time on Twitter, just in case anybody miss that dog whistle for somebody to try to shoot her

6) attacked her during a supposedly nonpartisan speech to the poisoned water victims of Flint, Michigan

7) attacked the pastor in Flint, Michigan, who interrupted him and asked him to stop attacking Clinton

8) attacked the residents of Flint, Michigan, for their crime rate

9) attacked the United States [by labeling it a] 'third world country'

10) attacked America's inner cities as more dangerous than parts of Afghanistan

11) attacked a former CIA director as 'dopey' after the man wrote an article critical of him

12) attacked Maureen Dowd of The New York Times after she was critical of him ... and called her a 'dope, wacky, neurotic, crazy'

13) attacked The New York Times as quote 'laughingstock, failing, nuts, a rag'

14) claimed he talked his lawyers out of suing [The NY Times] for irresponsible intent when there is no such law, legal term or provision applicable to a newspaper

15) attacked CNN and the network's president personally after suggesting its documentary about him was inaccurate even though he repeatedly said he no longer ever watched CNN

16) attacked a Fox News commentator confined to a wheelchair as quote 'a guy that can't buy a pair of pants'

17) attacked Asian businessmen in a stereotype accent claiming they only say quote 'we want deal'

18) attacked Jewish businessmen claiming, 'I'm a negotiator like you folks, we're negotiators, and you're not going to support me because I don't want your money'

19) lied about Hillary Clinton planning to literally abolish American borders

20) lied about whether or not Hillary Clinton had begun birtherism."

Olbermann has 54 more; That's just the top 20. 


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