Colbert Has a Field Day With Trump's Nutty Attorney's Miraculous Sign from God

Stephen Colbert may be a devout Christian, but he isn't buying what Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen is calling a sign from God about who our next president should be. 

Last week, Cohen revealed on Twitter that he had received a sign Trump would win in November, tweeting out a picture of a cloud he thought resembled Trump along with the caption, "In case anyone is unsure as to who will be our next #POTUS, the lord has chosen the people's messenger."

"Yes, God made a Trump-shaped cloud, though the cloud actually holds a position longer than the real Donald Trump can," Colbert quipped on Wednesday night's "Late Show." "But, you know, God works in mysterious ways because later that day He also endorsed a seahorse, a duckie and your mother making love to the mailman. No one sees that?" he asked the audience, after showing a slideshow of cloud formations. 

The audience roared.

Of course, God's not the only one saying Trump should be president. There is also, of course, Trump himself. And he's even invented criteria to back up his claims.

"[Trump] has a new way of questioning Hillary Clinton's fitness for office," Colbert explained. 

When asked what he means when he claims Clinton fails to look presidential, Trump simply replied, "I really do believe that... I just don't think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look."

"Hmmm, what does Trump mean by 'presidential look'?" Colbert asked. "I mean, is it something, you know, in this area?'" he said, motioning at his crotch.

"I'm uncomforable doing this," Colbert admitted, adding, "I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is for you to watch me do this."

So Colbert decided to bring his point home a different way. 

"I think Trump is pointing out that you can't spell 'presidential' without 'penis'—or, if you want to use all the letters, 'idle rat penis,' which might be another sign. It might be another sign from God that He thinks Trump is going to be the next president.' 



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