Even Bill O'Reilly Is Losing Faith in Trump at This Point

During Donald Trump's first extensive post-debate interview, the message from his pal Bill O'Reilly was clear: Study up or lose.

"First of all, is there anything Hillary Clinton said in the first debate that your campaign will use against her in the weeks ahead?" Fox News host O'Reilly began.

"I think possibly so," Trump responded, but then doubled down on how he still believes he won.

"I know you say the polls weren't scientific, but every single poll that was taken [showed] I won the debate," Trump told O'Reilly.

But not even the Fox News host and milkshake buddy of the GOP nominee would let Trump get away with that answer.

"What I was getting at though.. is there something that Hillary Clinton said in the 90 minutes that has stuck in your mind?" the host persisted, wanting to know what the Trump Train would go after Hillary Clinton on in the next debate. "

"I think so," Trump answered and proceeded to rant about Clinton's extensive career in politics, "26-30 years," Trump approximated.

"Nothing ever gets done," Trump continued. "Upstate New York is a total disaster...She talks and nothing gets done."

"When she was Senator of New York, you were friendly with her," O'Reilly retorted, still not letting Trump off the hook.

"I always got along with politicians," Trump told the host as he defended his then-friendship with the Clintons as part of being a good businessman. Only now does he realize how "terrible" she really was.

"They're going to come after you about paying few taxes," O'Reilly told Trump, who became increasingly defensive.

"No, I didn't say that.. Our politicians waste the money. They don't know what we're doing," Trump argued.

O'Reilly then tried to engage in a mock debate with Trump in which he pretended to be Clinton.

But Trump wasn't having it.

"Tax is a big payment," Trump insisted. "I think people are looking at it like 'hey that's the kind of person we need,'" he said of himself.

"Do you have anything more to say on this Miss Universe thing?" O'Reilly then wanted to know.

Trump was indignant. "She did not do well, she had a lot of difficulties, I saved her job," he said of Alicia Machado, Miss Universe, 1996. "I've done that with a lot of the young ladies," Trump added.

"Do you believe you have to do better among women to win this election?" O'Reilly persisted. 

"I guess I'm leading? Would you say I'm leading?" Trump said, due to his belief that married women will turn out for him in November.

"I don't know," O'Reilly answered.

Trump also gave debate moderator Lester Holt a "C," when O'Reilly asked GOP nominee how he thinks Holt did.

"He was worse than you," Trump concluded.

O'Reilly then asked Trump about police brutality.

"I have said that the protests are fine, if you believe the police are not fair to African-Americans, you should protest," O'Reilly said "However, in individual cases, we should all wait until all the data comes in.. you agree with that, right?"

Trump agreed.

"Then why did you not go after [Hillary Clinton] on that?" the host exclaimed. "Why didn't you go after her on Charlotte?"

"You can't hit every single point," Trump told the host. "But you're the law and order candidate!" O'Reilly pointed.

"The other thing I thought you were going to bring up with the 'law and order' deal is the sanctuary cities. You could have put her right on the spot."

Trump was beginning to realize he messed up. "Sure.. The sanctuary is for the criminals. You're right, she's totally in favor of sanctuary cities..he's in favor of having thousands and thousands of people come in from the Middle East, and you know you can't really vet them," Trump said.

"Well anyway, you've got two more shots," O'Reilly told him.

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