The 6 Best Trump Zingers at the Emmy's - Julia Louis Dreyfus Is Really Sorry

Are there any Trump-free zones left in America? Any event in which he is not the secret star? Viewers hoping for a reprieve need not have tuned into last night's Emmy awards, where, in addition to the usual elaborate gowns and tearful thank-you speeches, this year's ceremonies were dominated by the Donald. From a surprise appearance by Jeb Bush (who now seems relatively harmless), to digs at "The Apprentice" producer and the infamous wall, the Emmy's couldn't resist mocking the Republican nominee. Below are some of the best: 

  1. Viewers' minds were not exactly blown when Julia Louis Dreyfus won her billlionth (okay, sixth), Emmy for HBO's "Veep," but she deftly connected her show to our current bizarro political climate:  “Our show started out as a political satire but it now feels more like a sobering documentary." 
  2. It seems like a lifetime ago when Jeb Bush was a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination. Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel consulted Bush for advice on running his own Emmy campaign in the late-night talk show category. Bush counseled: “If you run a positive campaign, the voters will ultimately make the right choice." He paused. "Jimmy, that was a joke, and shave that wig off your face, you godless Hollywood hippie.”
  3. Jimmy Kimmel blamed television stardom for Trump's presidential run:  “Many have asked who’s to blame for Donald Trump and I’ll tell you who, he’s sitting right there, that guy: Mark Burnett...If it wasn’t for television, would Donald Trump be running for president? No. He would be at home right now, quietly rubbing up against his wife, Malaria [sic], while she pretends to be asleep.”
  4. Later, Kimmel doubled down some more on Mark Burnett, the British producer who gave the the world "The Apprentice": “Thank you for coming all the way from England to tear us all apart with your intricate plot — it worked.”
  5. Sterling K. Brown, who won for his potrayal of Christopher Darden in FX's "The People Versus OJ Simpson," got in a dig at the would-be first lady's RNC plagiarism: "I was talking to Melania Trump this morning and I was asking her, ‘What should I do, what should I say?'"
  6. Key and Peele stars Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele had the most on-the-nose honor of presenting an award for the best reality competition program. They took advantage of this with a skit that skewers our current reality, saying, "People can't seem to say two words without throwing each other under the bus...where a panel of millionaires fight like sharks to be chosen by average, middle-class Americans."

"Transparent" creator Jill Solloway also commented on Trump, but unlike the above comments, hers were not laced with humor. As the Boston Globe reported, she told reporters backstage that Trump is “one of the most dangerous monsters to ever approach our lifetimes.” She continued, "“He’s a complete dangerous monster, and any moment that I have to call Trump out for being an inheritor to Hitler I will.” 


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