Bernie Sanders Leads Major Rally Against Oil Pipeline Project in Front of the White House

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was one of hundreds who came out in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline yesterday, headlining a rally Tuesday night at the White House. Sanders, Van Jones, Tara Houska and other native leaders from the camp at Standing Rock all spoke at the rally, one of over 100 events taking place nationally as part of a solidarity action with the camp in North Dakota.

"It is vitally important that we show our solidarity with the Native American people of this country," Sanders began after he took the microphone.

Sanders called an end to the exploitation of the Native American people the number-one issue of the day. 

"The second issue of global consequence is that we need to understand that the future of energy in this country is not more oil, it is not more pipelines and it's not more carbon emissions," Sanders continued. "It is the transformation of our energy system away from oil and away from pipelines and away from carbon."

Sanders explained why he believes climate change is a global issue that deserves everyone's attention. 

"The debate is over," Sanders said. "The scientific community is 100 percent clear, climate change is real and it's caused by human activity and if we don't get our act together, the planet that we will be leaving our children and grandchildren will not be a habitable or a livable planet."

"We must not allow that to happen," Sanders said. He then turned to reasons for stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

"The group Oil Change International, which is a group deeply concerned about the future of our planet, found Dakota Access Pipeline will have the same impact on our planet as adding 21 million more cars to our roads. It would have the same impact as adding 30 new coal plants. This is crazy stuff. This pipeline must be stopped," Sanders said. 

The audience cheered.

"I applaud the administration's attempt to protect private treaty rights," Sanders announced. "As we learned today the pipeline company is refusing to hold its construction, while a new review takes place. In absence of the pipeline companies compliance, further administration action is needed. That is why I am calling on President Obama today, to ensure that this pipeline get a full environmental and cultural impact analysis... and in my view when that analysis takes place, this pipeline will not continue." 



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