Ann Coulter Crashes and Burns at Rob Lowe Roast

Ann Coulter showed up to roast Rob Lowe, but the Comedy Central special ended up being a way for her to serve herself up some much-deserved criticism. The roast starring the right-wing author aired Monday night, and Coulter, whose jabs included subjects such as AIDS and miscegenation, bombed disasterously. 

"Now a big treat for fans of hate-watching,” David Spade began the show as he introduced Coulter, adding, "She seems stiff and conservative, but Ann gets wild in the sheets… just ask the Klan." 

Coulter took to the stage for “The Ann Coulter Roast With Rob Lowe," as she called it. 

“I’m not a comedian, which is why, as you can imagine, I often get mistaken for Nikki Glaser,” Coulter began.

Coulter introduced her latest book, In Trump We Trust, which the left-leaning audience clearly disdained. 

But Coulter laughed off the negativity. “Pause for boos," she said, in response. 

“I’m here to persuade all of you to vote for Trump,” Coulter continued, adding, “But most of all I want you, David, because it would prove the media is lying when they say Trump won’t get the vote of a single spade.” 

No one laughed at the pun either. 

“Actually, to be fair, if I could get just one person here to vote for Donald Trump, it would be you, Ralph,” Coulter went on, pointing to Ralph Macchio.

“People would be so surprised. I’d go up and say, ‘I got Ralph Macchio, he’s voting for Donald Trump,’ and they’d say, ‘Oh, what a shock… Ralph is still alive?’” said Coulter.

“Just kidding, you look totally fantastic, unbelievable, Ralph," Coulter told the actor. "Can you believe this guy’s, like, 54?” 

“Whatever you’ve been drinking, you gotta send a few cases to Hillary," Coulter added. 

The author then slammed SNL's Pete Davidson, whom she called a “biracial goofball who ruined a beloved institution."

"Turns out I was wrong,” Coulter told the audience. "Pete’s not biracial."

“Heh heh, good one,” Davidson shot back.

And Coulter's Lowe commentary? Even worse. 

“A few years ago, there was talk of Rob Lowe replacing Charlie Sheen when the government was deciding who to give AIDS to next," Coulter said. 

But despite Coulter's deep unpopularity on the show, she just kept pushing her book. 

“I know some of you are saying I did this just to promote my book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome," Coulter said, just before advertising where her harshest critics could pick up a copy: "Available at fine bookstores everywhere including the Barnes and Noble where Ralph Macchio works.” 



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