5 Most Toxic Right-Wing Moments This Week: Trump Is America's Worst Troll

When Donald Trump managed to dominate the news this week by stating the known reality of President Obama’s birthplace, the collective nausea was palpable. “We have been played,” the mainstream media including everyone on CNN finally acknowledged. Played by a con man extraordinaire, who has not only increased his chances of being elected with his psychopathic games, but provided a blueprint for all future dangerous con men who would be president.

Still, Trump’s peculiar genius for the Big Lie will be hard to replicate. In a 30-second statement, he managed to layer his original blatant birtherist bigotry with a new outrageous fallacy: that Hillary Clinton made him do it. By week’s end he was inciting violence against her again, and we were reminded that his shamelessness cannot possibly be outflanked—it’s a shapeshifting target that melts away into the civilian population.

Strap on the airsick bag and remember to hydrate; this ride is only getting more sickening. Here are some of the week’s other deplorable moments.

1. Teflon Trump’s new incitement.

Just a day after completing his birther long con, Trump moved on to once again incite the sickest members of his base to commit violence against Hillary Clinton. Knowing full well the extent to which he was lying about Clinton’s position on guns, he suggested her security detail should be disarmed as punishment for her views, and then “see what happens to her.”

He was in Miami, railing against Clinton’s desire to impose a modicum of gun control in a state that recently was home to a deadly mass shooting.

"I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons,” Trump told the crowd. He was on a roll. "What do you think? Yes? Yes. Take their guns away," he cackled. "She doesn't want guns. Let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away. Okay?"

Ha ha! Tee hee! Almost as funny as that time he suggested "the Second Amendment people" might take action against Clinton. Or that hilarious one about how he could shoot someone and remain as popular as ever. (Although that last one appears to be all too true.)

No decent person would dream of saying these things. If Clinton referred to Trump’s (huge) security detail in any way, there’d be calls for her head. But she wouldn’t, because she’s a normal, responsible human being. She’s still being made to pay for her entirely accurate and fairly milquetoast “basket of deplorables” assessment of many of Trump’s supporters. Also for getting sick, and for not smiling enough and for raising her voice sometimes.

Whee! Who doesn’t love a good gun joke with a little incitement on the side?

2. Trumpian CNN-er tries to filibuster panel discussion on birtherism.

Trump did it again. Even after lamenting the fact that they had “been played” because “that’s what the Trump campaign does,” CNN was talking about him. Don Lemon was holding a panel discussion of the latest Big Lie, the lie that Donald wasn’t the one who was responsible for the whole toxic birtherism crusade, his opponent was.

But even that completely specious and unnecessary discussion proved impossible, because Corey Lewandowski, the Trump surrogate CNN put on its payroll, was in the house. As Lemon tried to read a 2007 statement from Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal denying any involvement in birtherism, Lewandowski just kept talking over it. So Lemon cut his mike, and Lewandowski’s mouth just kept moving.

Sound restored, Lewandowski said he could not understand why it was still a controversy. Hadn’t the Donald said, Poof, birtherism is gone now—I have decreed it so, period?

Van Jones attempted to school him, as though such a thing were possible, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

“The reason it’s still a controversy, Corey, is because he didn’t say his birtherism was disproven, it’s wrong, here’s why I continued with the innuendos for years and years," commentator Van Jones said. “He didn’t give full context. Instead, he tried to blame his kid sister, Hillary, for everything he’s done for the past five years. And because of that, it shows not just a lack of judgment in pursuing this, but now a lack of character, in not being a standup person and taking responsibility for your actions. And that’s why it’s still a controversy. I hope that helps you.”

We hope it helps Corey too. But like the mikes, we suspect the lines to Lewandowski’s ears, or between his ears and his brain, or connecting to any sort of conscience have long been disconnected.

3. Sean Hannity pretty much has a wet dream over Trump’s birther statement.

When he grows up, Hannity wants to be like Trump. But despite having really great hair he fears he never will be, so for now, Sean will have to worship the Trumpster from afar.

For Hannity, Trump’s brief birther statement was a thing of extraordinary beauty. He agreed 100 percent with Drudge that “Trump Trolled the Media.” What could be better than that! And isn’t that the most important quality for a commander-in-chief? The ability to troll?

Yes, Trump not only claimed credit for ending the birther controversy (which he popularized and perpetuated and inserted into the mainstream), he blamed Hillary for starting it.

So apparently, when Hannity says “troll,” he means stand truth completely on its ear and assert things that are entirely contrary to known, demonstrable, recorded facts—and that that is a good thing. Think of all the institutions Trump will be able to turn his trolling talents to if he gets elected. Perhaps he can troll national security! The Supreme Court! The monetary system! The sky’s the limit, man!

“I just died laughing,” Hannity giggled. ”I thought it was so funny.” Then he proceeded to lie about presidential candidates having to produce their birth certificates, and mentioned another conspiracy theory about Obama.

4. Brit Hume thinks there may be some sort of conspiracy.

Brit Hume has been so befuddled during this campaign. One of the things he can’t understand, try as he might, is why he can’t call Hillary Clinton shrill or suggest she smile more without being called sexist. This is generally bewildering to him.

This week he demonstrated Trump-like pretzel logic when he speculated that Hillary Clinton might be staging things during her campaign, because some people are saying that she is.

During a fairly nonsensical discussion with Howard Kurtz on “On the Record,” Hume was trying to get to the bottom of how an “adorable little girl” magically appeared after Hillary Clinton's now fainting episode during 9/11 commemoration ceremonies.

“By the way, what did you make of the—when she came out in the street on Sunday and said she was fine and this adorable little girl materializes? I think that people were suspicious of that, that it looked like it might have been staged,” Hume said.

There it is, the old, "some people" are suspicious so I’m just going to report it because it’s not like I’m just making it up or anything accusation.

“Well, I’m just saying,” genius Hume continued, much in the way a 14-year-old mean girl backs off after saying an unfortunate classmate looks fat. He’s just saying, guys.

“I’m not saying it was," said Hume. "I’m just saying the secretiveness stuff leads to such thoughts.”

So, it’s Hillary’s fault, you see. She is making him have these suspicions and these discussions, which he would not be having if she weren’t so secretive. Also, she should smile more, though not when she hugs adorable little girls, because that's fake.

5. Leading birther is too devastated to speak after Trump’s betrayal.

Donald Trump’s exit from birtherism has left the movement in disarray. One of Trump's primary co-conspirators, WorldNetDaily “reporter” Jerome Corsi, is refusing even to speak about it.

This week, a clearly distraught Corsi told conservative radio host Rusty Humphries, "I really don’t even want to get into it anymore," according to Right Wing Watch. "Donald Trump, he didn’t need my help to say what he wants to say, so let Donald on his own. I mean, I support Donald Trump."

He’s not weighing in, just writing a third book perpetuating this fundamentally racist lie about the nation’s first black president in an attempt to delegitimize his presidency.

Furthermore, any reporters who want to talk about where birtherism goes now that Trump has temporarily disavowed it “can all go to you-know-where,” Corsi said as he gathered up his toys to go home.

Oh yeah, and Hillary started it.


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