Trump Supporter Manages to Offend Yet Another Group

When CNN invited Donald Trump supporter and radio host John Phillips to discuss how Donald Trump cites "many people" as the source of his lies, it's doubtful they realized they would be giving airtime to someone who offends Tourette syndrome sufferers. But that's just what Phillips did on Tuesday.

As an example of the lies Trump spreads, the CNN segment shared a scurrilous tweet in which Trump said, "Many people are saying that the Iranians killed the scientist who helped the U.S. because of Hillary Clinton's hacked emails."

"Why does he do that?" CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Phillips about Trump's pattern of lying on Twitter. "Is that responsible?"

"Look, he's got Tourette syndrome sometimes when he's on Twitter," the Trump supporter said.

Many on Twitter replied, calling Phillips out for the insult to those suffering from actual Tourette syndrome. Phillips then said that forcing Trump to give speeches "is part of the intervention... to make sure that he has a much slower speed on the connection" with the public. "He's gotta learn to mute it sometimes," Phillips said of the very candidate he supports to represent the country.

Enter the voice of reason: Angela Rye, political analyst and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus gave Phillips a look viewers at home likely also had.

Rye countered intelligently after clarifying that Trump's actions are not due to Tourette syndrome, but rather plain old insensitivity. "For all the people out there who have that," she said, "Donald Trump does not have that. He's got something completely different. It's called 'he's just uncontrollable.' Unless ... he's on teleprompter."

"He is off the cuff, he is irresponsible, and he is reckless," she concluded.

But regarding Trump's recent economic policy speech, Phillips gushed, "He was on message."

"He was on teleprompter," host Brooke Baldwin clarified.

You'd think a talk radio host would be quicker at thinking up something witty and unlikely to offend a new group Trump hasn't yet attacked—but maybe he could also have used a teleprompter.

Watch the CNN clip of the segment "How Trump Spreads Stories by Citing 'People,'" via the Tourette Association of America on YouTube:


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