Trevor Noah Roasts Trump's Surrogates Over Not Giving George W. Bush Any Credit

Donald Trump's surrogates have a really tough job. They have to defend not only Trump's incorrect statements, but also his recanting of those lies—often with no notice. “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah gave Trump surrogates a tongue-in-cheek pat on the back for their ability to defend Trump's wackiest statements.

Over the weekend, Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson was busted for her incorrect claims on the war in Afghanistan, which she said began under Obama’s presidency. That shouldn't be surprising coming from the same "spokesgoblin" who falsely attributed Cpt. Khan’s death in 2004 to President Obama's policies—even though Obama wasn't elected until 2008.

“I really feel so bad for [Pierson] and all of Donald Trump’s surrogates,” Noah said. “Because that has to be the hardest job in the world. ... Whatever a candidate says, the surrogate has to defend it.”

And Trump has provided no shortage of challenges to his surrogates; just one day after his controversial comments on "Second Amendment people," he incorrectly called President Obama the "founder of ISIS" and Secretary Clinton the "MVP."

A day later, Trump would walk these accusations back as "sarcasm." But before Trump did admit his comments were sarcastic, he left his surrogates floundering when asked about Trump's claims.

After Trump admitted he was being sarcastic, Pierson said "the answer is both yes and no” when asked if Trump actually believes President Obama was the founder of ISIS. Not only did it call into even further question the surrogate, but it probably also put her candidate in a complicated position.

Could it be that Trump seems to enjoy making his surrogates sweat?

“That’s exactly what America needs in a president,” Noah said. “A man so all over the place even the people who are hired as communication specialists are now basically the shrugging emoji.”

As for the truth, Noah set the record straight: “Obama was not the founder of ISIS. It is crazy that you have to say this, but let’s get that straight, all right. George [W.] Bush was the founder," Noah joked, then clarified: "Bush wasn't the 'founder' either, but if anyone helped create it, he did the most. You can say Obama left Iraq too early. But you can't leave a place that you're not already in. That's something you cannot escape."

After Trump's surrogates spent day and night defending Trump's statement, Trump turns around and “royally f**ks them,” Noah said, about Trump's new claim that the accusations were merely "sarcasm."

Maybe that's what pushed Rudy Giuliani over the edge, completely forgetting that George W. Bush was president during 9/11. 



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