Trevor Noah Mocks Donald Trump's 'Rigged' Election Prediction: After All, It's Rigged by His Own Party

Election '16

While Donald Trump gives the world plenty of immature nonsense to be shocked by, from getting in a fight with a baby to the fact that he said "titties" instead of "cities" on Monday, there's one Trump trend that's unfortunately not getting the attention it deserves, pointed out "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah.

Trump claims the general election will be "rigged"—similar to how he spoke about a "rigged system" during the primaries.

"Trump didn't provide any specifics to back his outlandish claims—which is usual for him—but luckily, there are credible news sources which have investigated, and they too have come to the same conclusion," Noah revealed in a joke leadup to a Fox News clip.

"He could be right," Sean Hannity told Newt Gingrich regarding Trump's statements about potential election fraud. But his reasoning is hilarious. 

"Here's an interesting statistic: The Philly Inquirer, one week after the 2012 election, pointed out that in 59 separate precincts, in inner-city Philadelphia, that Mitt Romney did not get a single vote! Not one!" Hannity stated.

"What! What! So you're saying that predominantly poor black neighborhoods didn't vote for the rich white guy?" Noah exclaimed ironically.

But on the other hand, Noah's team at "The Daily Show" investigated Trump's claims and it turns out he's right. The election will be rigged—by Republicans.

"We've uncovered evidence of election rigging throughout the system," Noah said. "For instance, there is something I discovered; it's called gerrymandering."

The process of redrawing maps so politicians can pick their voters—instead of the other way around—is what Noah is referring to. And because Republicans won the majority of statehouses in 2010, they've since had the liberty of redrawing maps in those states. And it's worked in their favor.

Democrats running for Congress in 2012 received over a million more votes, but Republicans sent 33 more members to the House that year.

But it's not just gerrymandering. Voter suppression laws in red and swing states also give Democrats an uphill battle to fight. 

“I know some people might say we need these laws to protect from voter fraud, but voter fraud isn’t actually a problem,” Noah said, pointing to Texas, which out of 20 million votes cast, only convicted two people for violating its voter ID law.

“More people have been Trump's wife," Noah said.


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