5 Conspiracy Theories Hatched by Alex Jones That Donald Trump Uses to Pollute Our Airwaves

Long before Trump got on the presidential stage, he was a major trafficker of some of the most pernicious conspiracy theories. Trump was one of the leading Obama birthers only a few years ago. He freely circulated the ideas found on right-wing "news" sites Breitbart and World Net Daily and leading alt-right digital and media empires like the Savage Nation and Alex Jones' InfoWars/Prison Planet on a variety of topics, showing a particular affinity for the madcap paranoia of Alex Jones.

Watch this video of five of the most bizarre ideas Trump has espoused that were originally driven by Jones:

1. Democrats purposely keep minorities impoverished. 

The Alex Jones Channel took full advantage of groups like Black Men for Bernie protesting the Democratic National Convention to concoct theories about Democrats conning non-white voters. "Democrats have done nothing to help the inner cities," claimed conservative activist James O'Keefe on August 4. Two weeks later, Trump was using the same messaging to target black voters while polling at zero percent with the demographic in key states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

2. The election will be rigged. 

Following the Democratic National Convention, Alex Jones issued an "emergency message" to Donald Trump concerning potential election fraud.

"Mr. Trump, I'm not going to lay things out here that you don't already know, but I am going to ask you to seriously think about making the issue of Hillary's election fraud in the primaries one of the central issues to defeating her in November," Jones said, after stating his belief that Hillary Clinton openly stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. 

Trump took the bait and issued the same message to his supporters two days later. 

3. Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment

Surprisingly, Jones has been peddling this one for years. Trump latched on, and despite Politifact rating his claim false back in May, the GOP nominee has continued to repeat it. 

4. Hillary Clinton and President Obama created ISIS. 

During the December 20 Democratic debate, Clinton claimed that ISIS had used videos of Donald Trump to recruit terrorists, which Politifact rated as false. However, Jones took Clinton's statements as an opportunity to discuss the group's origin.  

"ISIS was literally funded by the State Department and by NATO," Jones said on Dec. 21, 2015. In January 2016, Trump began incorporating similar statments into his speeches.

"Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama," Trump said in January, although this would not become a major controversy for more than half a year.

5. Bernie Sanders voters will back Trump over Clinton.

"A lot of Democrats are voting for Donald [Trump]," Jones said in February during his first segment discussing why he believes Democrats are jumping ship to vote for Trump. The host continued to push this theory through the primaries, leading Trump to make a plea to Sanders supporters on June 7

But three days later the Guardian reported that, "Six times as many Sanders supporters would shift to Clinton over Trump," and since then "90 percent of unwavering Sanders supporters [have] plan[ned] to vote for Clinton in November" according to the Washington Post.


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