Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Are Going to Host a Bizarre Cooking Show Together

This continues to be The Year of WTF with news that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are co-hosting a cooking show. The show, which has the working title “Martha and Snoop’s Dinner Party,” is set to premiere on VH1 this fall, bringing to life the joke, “Why did Snoop Dogg buy a frying pan? Fo’ sizzle.”

Stewart told Variety the show “will exemplify America’s fascination with food, entertaining, and celebrity,” while Snoop noted that the pair would “be cooking, drinking, and having a good time with our exclusive friends.” Personally, I’m kind of dying to know who Stewart and Snoop’s mutual friends are. It’s probably a six-degrees-of-separation thing, but with a lot more weed smoke and a lot less Kevin Bacon. If Snoop is at one extreme and Stewart at the other, who would be in the middle? Maybe David Tutera. Think about it.

Although setting Snoop and Stewart up as opposites is an easy characterization, and is most likely what the show’s publicity is trading on, they have in fact worked together on and off throughout the years. More than ten years ago, he showed up on her “Christmas Cookies” special to make weedless brownies and do some freestyling about the absence of any green ingredients in his and Stewart’s baking. In 2008, he returned to help her make mashed potatoes (he refers to potato skins as “potato chip wrappings,” and it’s delightful).

Stewart and Snoop reunited and flew high last year when they both appeared on Comedy Central’s roast of Justin Bieber, and she got stoned on secondhand smoke after being around the D-O-Double-G for several hours. I mean, who wouldn’t?

As the lead-up to this show rolls out, I’m looking forward to seeing whether Stewart can keep up with Snoop’s mastery of the reality-warping publicity move. Remember his “Oh Sookie” music video all about having sex with Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood, complete with dancers in Merlotte’s uniforms and blonde wigs? Or “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” a self-parodying video of his own “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to endorse Hot Pockets? Or how about when he dressed up as a white guy named Todd on Instagram and Vine for as-yet-undiscovered reasons?

All of these make him the ideal co-host for a cooking/celebrity dinner party show in 2016. Celebrity is weird. Fame is weird. At least he’s having some fun—OK, way more fun than anyone else—with his status. And in the Year of WTF, God knows we could definitely use a bit of that fun ourselves.


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