Lewis Black Hilariously Owns 2016 Election: 'It's a Vomitorium!'

Larry Wilmore’s final show airs Friday and he's already received plenty of gifts from prominent comics; Several boxes of “cable network wine” from Samantha Bee and a case of tiny hard liquor bottles from Stephen Colbert and “The Nightly Show” crew. 

And it looks like Wilmore and his guests will need it all in preparation for election day. 

“Even though I've got zero f*cks to give at this point, I have plenty of booze to give," "Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore admitted Wednesday. 

Guest Lewis Black is also so done with the non-stop election coverage. 

"At some point it has to stop! It’s over and over and over and over, every day!” Black exclaimed. “It’s a vomitorium! We’d be better off as a people if they’d just covered it and went, ‘Okay, here’s Donald Trump,’ and had a duck that was quacking. Quack, quack, quack. And Hillary [Clinton] as a chihuahua, and you heard barking arf, arf, arf! It’s senseless!" 

Black then suggested campaigns of the future at least take a summer break.

“Just shut up! It’s the f*cking summer!” Black said. "Give me a new recipe for ribs!" he added.“It’s our time! Don’t bother me!”

Panelist Ricky Velez agreed, but explained he was taking full advantage of his current Xanax prescription:

“We’re so high, we’re going to show up to work on Monday,” he joked.

"There's a lot of problems that can't be fixed right now," Wilmore admitted, as the panel joked about Wilmore soon being out of work. 

But Black blames the Republican party as much as the media for the wreckage of Trump.

“I think the Republican party let itself be destroyed by him because they wanted, as the media did, eyeballs. We want to get as many people watching as possible,” Black said, going back to Trump's initial statements about Mexicans "raping and pillaging [and] eating all the the avocados!" Black joked.

"Any party with any moral compass whatsoever would go, ‘You know what? You can run. You just can’t run as a Republican,’” Black continued. “But that was the moment in time when people began to watch and went, ‘Wow! Boy! This is great! This will be fun to fucking watch!’”



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