Larry Wilmore Shreds Trump's 'Chief Spokesgoblin' Katrina Pierson

Larry Wilmore, host of “The Nightly Show," is relishing the myriad problems Trump's created for himself. 

"A couple of weeks ago, we were all saying, 'Man, Trump just criticized the family of a fallen soldier... what? There's no way he can do anything worse than this," Wilmore said.

Trump's controversies are piling up so fast, it's almost impossible to track all of them. The day before he accused President Obama of founding ISIS, Trump told the audience at a North Carolina campaign rally that the "Second Amendment people" may be able to stop Hillary Clinton—hinting at assassination

"Yep, that's right, Donald Trump not-so-subtly hinting that gun rights activists should 'do something' about Hillary Clinton. Really? You're joking about your political opponent being whacked," Wilmore stated firmly.

“At this point, if you vote for Trump, you’re just a d*ck,” Wilmore continued.

The audience applauded wildly. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I hope you get destroyed by a horse-sized duck. How’s that?” he said.

On the other hand, “Trump’s chief spokesgoblin, Katrina Pierson," as Wilmore calls her, had a different interpretation of Trump's statements.

"Join me, as I watch in amazement as the bullsh*t pours out of her mouth," Wilmore told the audience.

Pierson had appeared on CNN to defend Trump and disagreed with CNN’s Jake Tapper when he reminded her that Trump was speaking about what would happen "if [Hillary Clinton] gets to pick her judges... nothing you can do, folks" (Trump's exact words).

"Mr. Trump was saying exactly what he said. He was talking about Hillary Clinton and gun control," Pierson stated.

"But Katrina, he was talking about what Second Amendment activists could do to stop her if she won," Tapper told Pierson. 

"No, that's actually not what he was talking about," Pierson responded. 

“Okay, let me stop you right there," Wilmore began after showing the clip. "F*ck you, that is what he was talking about! I don’t care how convoluted your explanation. We’re not stupid! We can hear! Stop trying to explain him away.”



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