John Oliver Hilariously Signs Up to Be a Trump Election Observer

The culmination of one of the craziest presidential campaigns in recent history is fast approaching, or as John Oliver calls it, "the lady liberty convenience store robbery gone wrong descending into a hostage situation now she's demanding a chopper."

On Sunday, the "Last Week Tonight" host gave a stunning recap of the week which was supposed to revolve around Trump's economic policy speech. But the "2016 imploding star that is Donald Trump" couldn't seem to stay on message, as promised, for the "53rd consecutive week," Oliver stated in the roast. 

"I am proposing an across-the-board income tax reduction especially for middle-income Americans; this will lead to millions of new and really good-paying jobs," Trump said in his speech Monday.
"Now if you're thinking, that's the most boring Donald Trump's speech I've ever seen, that might be because he was reading that script off a teleprompter, not talking off the top of his head, so it's like watching a circus seal fold laundry; that's not the thing you normally do," Oliver said. 
Unfortunately, Trump couldn't seem to stay on message past the hour, and the rest of the week devolved quickly. 
"The very next day he made a chilling suggestion that Second Amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton; before people could even get over that, he moved on [to saying] 'President Obama... he's the founder of ISIS and I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton,'" Oliver said, ironically applauding Trump for including Hillary, "hashtag feminism." 
But even when the most conservative hosts tried to make Trump retract his ISIS statements, Trump doubled down, eventually walking back his walkback as sarcasm. 
"Like a guy drowning but waving off a lifeboat saying 'get out of here... everybody talks about my buoyancy I'm a tremendous floater,'" Oliver said, Trump doesn't act like he wants to be saved. 
Leading into this week, Trump has a new conspiracy theory that the election will be rigged if he doesn't win the state of Pennsylvania, which no Republican has carried in a presidential election for nearly three decades. 
"His website now has an application you can fill out to be a Trump Election Day observer...well you know in a way we are all Trump election day observers, because if you look out of your window in November and see four horsemen of the apocalypse you know, 'oh shit they just called Florida,'" Oliver joked.
"But it does seem he actually wants people to participate... so we signed up without donating and received an email from the campaign saying 'We are going to do everything we are legally allowed to do to stop crooked Hillary from rigging this election,' which is troubling because I'm not sure Donald Trump knows what he's legally allowed to do," Oliver pointed out.
"His own attorney once apologized for saying 'you cannot rape your own spouse' and honestly I'm surprised Trump even had an attorney, always just presumed he got legal advice from a John Grisham paperback purchased at a white supremacist yard sale."


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