Watch: Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Uses Radio Show to Organize Trump 'Poll-Watchers'

AlterNet Editor's Note: If you haven't heard of the InfoWars podcast, that's because you don't live in the paranoid, right-wing universe in which every terrorist attack is deemed a "false-flag" scheme; where lizard-people may be running the world and anything that doesn't go the way of its denizens is due to the nefarious undertakings of their perceived enemies. But just because you haven't heard of it—or because its host, Alex Jones, seems a bit off the wall—doesn't mean you should discount its importance on the American political landscape. Jones is a bona fide messenger for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, who has appeared on the show. During the Republican National Convention, Jones co-hosted a pro-Trump rally with Trump adviser Roger Stone that previewed the convention's anti-Hillary messaging. And InfoWars, according to Quantcast, had a viewing audience of some 7.5 million global unique visitors over the course of the last month. So when Jones calls his listeners and viewers to action, he has a significant pool of paranoids to work from. 

Far-right radio host and Donald Trump fan Alex Jones posted a message to YouTube Monday urging InfoWars viewers to sign up as election observers for Trump’s campaign, alleging that Hillary Clinton is bent on stealing the presidential election.

While polls show Trump trailing in swing states and losing to Clinton by massive margins in states like New York and California, two states that Trump has said in the past he could win in the general election, Jones said such polls are simply “fake polls” fabricated by the liberal media. (A poll by the conservative Breitbart and Gravis Marketing also found Trump losing to Clinton.)

Jones claimed that “Donald Trump is doing his own internal polling with some of the top, bipartisan pollers in the country.”

Jones explained: “So he’s announcing, ‘Hey, I’ve got my own internal polling showing I’m ahead in Ohio by seven points; showing I’m ahead in Pennsylvania by about 10 points; showing I’m ahead in Florida in some internal polls by 15, and these are real random polls; showing in some polls Trump is three points ahead in California, margin of error, dead heat…. Ladies and gentlemen, internal polls, not by just the Trump campaign but by other major institutions, show Trump on average, seven points ahead in basically California strongholds for the Democrats, New York, that’s why they are crapping their pants.”

Jones, a Trump ally who often hosts Trump confidant Roger Stone on his show, has frequently promoted the conspiracy theory, as have Trump and Stone, that the polls showing a Clinton lead are fabricated in order to pave the way for a "rigged" election.

Trump trails in every single state Jones mentioned, at least according to publicly available polling and not the Trump internal polls that Jones claims exist.

“Donald Trump is our general, we are modern Paul Reveres and it’s time to get out there and be involved,” he later added. “I intend to be a poll-watcher myself and I intend to be out there doing exit polls, my patriotic duty.”


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