Watch: After Ohio Police Tackled Muslim Tourist for No Reason - Their Apology Also Speaks Volumes

In case you didn’t already think Muslim paranoia was out of control in America, there's this: 

Three months ago, Ahmed Al Menhali traveled to the United States for medical treatment. But shortly after arriving at a Northern Ohio hotel last week, he was accosted by police.

After being handcuffed, Al Menhali quickly collapsed, and the story has since become an international scandal. 

But why was Al Menhali arrested in the first place?

As it turns out, police were responding to a call they had received from the hotel clerk's sister who was absolutely terrified to encounter the Muslim man in the hotel lobby. She then falsely reported that she had witnessed a suspicious character "in full headdress with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance to ISIS," the news release said.

"They showed up to the scene with their guns drawn. He is not a terrorist. He was here for a medical procedure,” Ana Kasparian, co-host of "The Young Turks" said.

“He’s going to need further medical procedures," host Cenk Uygur added. He doesn’t speak English. This could have been a disaster. They could have just straight-up killed him [especially because] one of the few things he said to the cops was ‘this is not good’ and he said ‘I’m a tourist’ which kind of scared me ‘cause they might have thought ‘terrorist’ instead of ‘tourist.’” 

And even with the heightened fear-mongering about terrorism by the media and elected officials, Americans are pretty clueless on how to logically identify potential terrorists, based on history.

“The problem isn’t the Arab dress. On 9/11, they didn’t come dressed as Arabs. They wore Western clothing and were clean-shaven because they didn’t want to stand out," Uygur pointed out. 

But, unfortunately, stories like this happen a lot in America, so why is this particular one garnering such attention?

"He's a businessman. We can't have that. That's a guy with money," Uygur said.

A spokesman for Marriott International and even the Avon, Ohio mayor/police chief have since apologized for the incident. Al Menhali owns a marketing company in the UAE and has been receiving treatment at the Cleveland Clinic for several medical conditions since April. He recently checked into the hotel because “his landlord asked him to find alternate accommodations during the week of the Republican National Convention so the RNC could use the apartment,” CNN reported.

"The only behavior that was unusual was the clerk's, not Ahmed," Julia Shearson, executive director of Al Menhali later told CNN, and encouraged "cultural education" to avoid similar problems. 


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