The Trump Campaign Has Some Questionable Diversity Recruitment Tactics

Donald Trump often boasts about his job creation record.

“I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs and a great company,” Trump says, which have also included the roles of supporters. On the day of his presidential announcement, the Trump campaign offered actors $50 for a simple job - cheering him on.

It didn’t take long for Trump to start holding massive rallies with attendance in the thousands. Yet, the campaign may still have to pay a few supporters due to Trump’s terrible poll numbers with women and minorities. And that appears to be what they’re doing already.

“You got some sort of notice that there was a job available from Donald Trump’s camp?” Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks” asked comedian, model and activist Aida Rodriguez. And she had. 

“They were looking for a Latina who spoke correct English, non-accented to play the part of a Trump supporter," Rodriguez began. "And someone sent that to me… [actually] two people sent it. Someone sent it as a joke… and then someone actually sent to me to ask if I would be interested in coming in for the audition and I just thought it was hilarious," she told Uygur. 

"So what was the part for?" Uygur asked.

Turns out, it wasn't just to cheer Trump on this time.

"They were very vague about it, because then they have to dispute that it comes from the camp, if it gets exposed," Rodriguez explained. "But it was during the time that he said what he said about Mexicans. I guess he was looking for a ‘Latina Stacey Dash’ He was looking for someone to say ‘I love Donald Trump!’…and that was kind of hard to find with people who are educated and are not self hating."

Rodriguez respectfully declined. 

"I wish you’d have gone in and been our spy," Uygur told her. 

Rodriguez laughed. 

“Yea, ‘That’s my African American and that’s my Latina,’” Rodriguez remarked, imitating Trump.

And now that Trump has a diversity council, anything's possible.

“Who knows, maybe they groom you for bigger roles, like if you’re enough of a sell-out, they put you on TV as a surrogate," mused Uygur.

"But one more thing about the Trump ad," he added. "I don’t know that they send for roles that are ‘white’ and ask you to speak correct English. So, isn’t that a bit telling?” 

Rodriguez agreed.

“Of course," she said "‘Cause they want you to sound like an educated Latina that supports Trump, so that they don’t question - because when those two ladies that he had, the two Latina ladies that were praising him at the rally - people were like ‘yea, look at them, they’re slaves. Like ’they don’t have an education, they don’t even speak correct English, he probably paid them..’ so they were looking for somebody who ‘made an educated decision to support Donald Trump,’ even after he assassinated the character of their people.”



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