Seth Meyers Mocks the NY Post’s Dallas Protest Coverage

The fatal shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights last week have been met with some incendiary responses by politicians, but mainstream media’s coverage of the events certainly didn’t help, as “Late Night” host Seth Meyers pointed out on “A Closer Look.”

“While there’s been some inflammatory rhetoric, ultimately there are reasons to feel hopeful that progress is possible,” Meyers said. Following the Dallas shootings, in which five officers were murdered, the New York Post decided to title its cover story 'Civil War.'

“Let’s see this hellish inferno of disparate infighting that the New York Post wants us to think is happening between protesters and police,” Meyers offered, showing a clip that one network, MSNBC, actually used to counteract the narrative. In fact, “The Dallas Police Department tweeted pictures to show just how peaceful this protest was.” One photo showed a protester posing with two police officers, with “no apparent sign of any tension at all,” MSNBC said.

“Look at that photo!” exclaimed Meyers. “I don’t even have a photo that nice with my own parents! There was never a picture that friendly during the real Civil War. Unless there’s some Ulysses S.Grant and Robert E. Lee selfie I’m unaware of,” Meyers joked.

Obviously, this photo didn't fit with the right-wing agenda's spin on the protest. But it speaks volumes. 

“The Dallas Police Department is considered, by many, a model both for their efforts to reform and for how they protected and supported protesters, so if anything could give us reason to hope, it’s this,” he said, as he pointed to the photo. “Vitriol and inflammatory rhetoric only make it more difficult to have the kind of constructive dialogue we need right now."

The worst responder? Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose hypothetical solution for police brutality on "Face the Nation" this past Sunday was almost unwatchable.

"If I were a black father..." Giuliani began, which could only get worse.

“First of all, don’t ever start a sentence with the phrase, ‘If I were a black father.’ If you are a black father you don’t need to say it and if you’re not, you should probably just shut the f**k up,” Meyers explained. 

“Black people are disproportionately affected by racial disparities in our criminal justice system—that’s just a fact,” Meyers said. “And saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a response to that. The problem with you, Rudy, is you’re imagining the word only in there. As in only black lives matter, but no one is saying that. In fact, assuming the word only in any context is kinda weird, just in general. Like when you see a sign outside a store that says, ‘We sell lottery tickets,’ you don’t assume they mean, ‘We only sell lottery tickets.'”

But perhaps Meyers' most useful announcement was this: “You can both grieve for the police and advocate for police reform. These two things are not mutually exclusive.” 



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