Neocon Jamie Kirchick Makes Friendly Appearance on White Nationalist Radio Show Broadcasting Inside the RNC

Jamie Kirchick is a columnist for the Daily Beast and a fellow at the neoconservative Foreign Policy Initiative with a penchant for demonizing his ideological foes as antisemites. Among those he has branded as antisemitic with little basis are the British Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and researchers formerly employed by the liberal Think Progress blog who challenged the push for a U.S. war on Iran. Since the 2008 presidential campaign, Kirchick has published a series of articles attacking former Rep. Ron Paul as a Jew hater with strong ties to white nationalism and neo-Confederate extremism. This year, Kirchick cited his Jewish heritage as the key factor motivating his opposition to Donald Trump, whom he cast as the ringleader of an antisemitic “mob.”

When the Liberty Roundtable — a prominent antisemitic radio show hosted by open white nationalists — approached Kirchick for an interview this week at the Republican National Convention, however, Kirchick was all in. He spent 15 minutes exchanging banter with host Sam Bushman, politely disagreeing with Bushman’s opposition to foreign intervention while praising what he called Bushman’s “great opinion” that Trump had spent too much time in “New York circles.” Kirchick also took the opportunity to promote his forthcoming book, The End of Europe. (Trump has previously warned Muslim immigration would lead to “the end of Europe.”)

Kirchick’s appearance was immediately preceded by an ad for a white nationalist tract called Racism, Schmacism. The book’s author, James Edwards (Bushman’s co-host and business partner) has accused Jews of engaging in a conspiracy to cause a white Christian genocide. "White Christians in particular endure daily savaging from the Jewish-dominated news media and entertainment industry,” Edwards wrote on Liberty Roundtable’s website, “from the Zionist-infiltrated government, from the godless colleges and universities, and from every other outlet of information and influence.”

Edwards, who had been co-hosting Liberty Roundtable when Kirchick appeared for his interview, has also said that for “blacks in the Americas, slavery is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unfortunately, it's the worst thing that ever happened to white Americans.”

According to the mission statement of Edwards’ Political Cesspool, a production of the Liberty Radio News Network and sister show to Bushman’s Liberty Roundtable, the show “stands for the Dispossessed Majority” and is “pro-white.” Edwards added that his show rejects “homosexuality, vulgarity, loveless sex, and masochism.”

Kirchick is an openly gay, vehemently anti-Putin neoconservative who angrily denounced Russia’s anti-gay legislation during a carefully staged appearance on RT, the Russian government-owned broadcast outlet. Days later, Kirchick set out on a mission “to find out more about RT,” harassing random passersby outside RT’s downtown Washington DC offices with questions like, “What is a more appropriate punishment for the women of Pussy Riot, two years in a Siberian labor camp or public whipping by Cossacks?”

Kirchick maintains his vendetta against RT to this day, looking for any chance to savage the network. As he hovered around the halls of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena in search of media exposure, however, he did not think twice about appearing on a white nationalist network whose leading program and most high-profile on-air personality were exposed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “overtly racist” and antisemitic.

Bruce Wilson, a veteran researcher of far-right movements, revealed that Edwards’ Political Cesspool show provided a friendly platform this year to David Duke under the banner of Liberty Radio News Network, and that Edwards is a co-director of the Holocaust-denying American Freedom Party, whose mission statement declares, "White Americans should push back!"

On February 27, Bushman filled in as host of Political Cesspool while Edwards reported from a Trump rally in Memphis, apparently with VIP credentials provided by the Trump campaign. Days later, Edwards and Bushman scored an interview on Liberty Roundtable with Donald Trump Jr. 

The firestorm of criticism that ensued from Trump Jr.’s appearance on the overtly racist forum prompted him to disavow the appearance and condemn the Liberty Roundtable co-host, Edwards.

Bushman and Edwards have surfaced again on the national political stage at the RNC, and with press credentials apparently granted by the Republican National Committee. Despite Trump Jr.’s widely reported disavowal of this pair of white supremacists, Kirchick waded casually into their cesspool. 

Listen to Jamie Kirchick’s appearance on Liberty Roundtable; it begins at 40:00.


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