Watch: 8 of Trump's Top Advisers, A Motley Crew of Right-Wing Zealots

Remember when Trump had no advisors he could name? As bad as that was, given the folks he's picked to give him advice, he may well have been better off. The following video is a mash-up of 8 of his top advisors (see a quick thumbnail rundown on each one below the video)... it will leave your head feeling somewhere between shaken and stirred.


1. Frank Amedia.

Trump’s ‘Christian Policy’ Adviser is a “faith-healing” pastor and self-described "apostle" and "prophet" who claims to stopped a tsunami through prayer.

2. Stephen Miller

Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser wrote a controversial column for Duke University’s The Chronicle in which rebuked family leave and dismissed multiculturalism as “segregation.”

3. Walid Phares

Trump’s Foreign Policy adviser previously advised Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. Phares is notorious anti-Muslim campaigner who, in 1982, aided the Lebanese Forces, a Christian militia group, in the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Lebanon’s refugee camps.

4. Paul Manafort

Trump's Campaign Chairman and Chief Strategist is a well-known Washington lobbyist. Manafort’s lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly worked with the Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush administrations. But Manafort has also made millions from arms dealers, warlords and dictators. 

5. Jeff Sessions

Trump's Chairman of his National Security Advisery Committe was the first member of Congress to endorse Trump. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) strictly opposes immigration reform, believes immigrants create “cultural problems,” and even went on a witch hunt to make sure that undocumented immigrants weren’t granted Social Security numbers.

6. Tana Goertz

Trump's Senior Adviser was a season three runner-up on "The Apprentice." Goertz is also the spokesperson for Bedazzler.

7. Sam Clovis

Trump's National Co-Chairman and Policy Adviser previously worked on Rick Perry's 2016 presidential campaign before joining Trump's. As a tenured professor at Morningside College in Souix City, Clovis faced controversy for his support of Trump's Muslim ban, having had the reputation of protecting religious freedoms. 

8. Roger Stone

Trump's former adviser officially left the campaign in August 2015, but has recently emerged as the head of a Pro-Trump super PAC "The Committee to Restore America's Greatness." Stone is a political consultant, lobbyist, strategist and “self-admitted hit man for the GOP.” He frequently appears on “The Alex Jones Show” and has been banned by both CNN and MSNBC.


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