Donald Trump Calls His Campaign Stupid, Staffed by 'People Who Aren't That Smart'

This whole piece is amazing. 

"An embattled Donald Trump urgently rallied his most visible supporters to defend his attacks on a federal judge's Mexican ancestry during a conference call on Monday in which he ordered them to question the judge's credibility and impugn reporters as racists."

"We will overcome," Trump said, according to two supporters who were on the call and requested anonymity to share their notes with Bloomberg Politics. "And I’ve always won and I’m going to continue to win. And that’s the way it is.

1. “We will overcome.” Because no one has suffered more discrimination than Donnieboy. Tremendous discrimination. The greatest. 

2. “Two supporters who were on the call” ratted out ol’ Don. Such great “supporters” he has there…

3. “I’ve always won and I’m going to continue to win. And that’s the way it is.” I live in perpetual fear that Trump will quit before the election and take his ball home with him. Then we’d be stuck running against Paul Ryan. Quotes like this put my mind to ease. And as a bonus, they heighten my anticipation for Trump’s November concession speech litany of lawsuit threats. 

All that, plus the doubling down on the racism, is pretty amazing. But that’s not all!

When former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer interrupted the discussion to inform Trump that his own campaign had asked surrogates to stop talking about the lawsuit in an e-mail on Sunday, Trump repeatedly demanded to know who sent the memo, and immediately overruled his staff [...]

"Are there any other stupid letters that were sent to you folks?" Trump said. "That's one of the reasons I want to have this call, because you guys are getting sometimes stupid information from people that aren't so smart.“

That’s him talking about his campaign.

So the Donnster has a call with his friends, none of whom were too interested in bailing him out last week after Clinton wiped the floor with him, and proceeds to tell him his staff are stupid people who send out stupid information. 

"Told the memo was sent by Erica Freeman, a staffer who circulates information to surrogates, Trump said he didn't know her."

Poor Erica Freeman. No one ever knew her and now she’s so fired. But hey, that’s what you get for working for an unreconstructed, unapologetic racist, misogynist, and all-around bigot. Still, you’d think the Republican frontrunner would be all about hiring the supposedly smartest people for his campaign, right? How can anyone trust him to staff up the federal bureaucracy if he and his people can’t even handle the simple task of “person who circulates information to surrogates”? 

Of course, that same memo was circulated to his entire top brass, so given that none of them put the kibosh on it, chances are they all had a hand in drafting it. 

"The e-mailed memo, sent by Freeman on Sunday, was cc'd to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski; Hope Hicks, Trump's top communications staffer; and Rick Gates, a top aide to campaign chairman Paul Manafort."

So all those people who aren’t so smart send that stupid information to his surrogates. Looks like Donaldo has a lot of firing to do. 

Meanwhile, he’ll personally handle the task of delivering talking points to all his surrogates, because there’s really only one smart person in the entire world, except for Vladimir Putin, who is smart because he realizes how smart Trump is. And nothing works better in presidential campaign management than micromanaging every facet of it. If you want it done well, do it yourself, right? 

Given the quality of people who would want to be around Trump, odds are, that’s his best bet regardless.


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