Are You Picking the Right Wine? Here's a Surprising Way to Make Sure (Video)

Marissa A. Ross, wine editor of Bon Appétit magazine, has teamed up with clothing brand Reformation to review eco-friendly wines in a delightful and funny video series called Drink Sustainably.

In the second episode, Ross explains, "The most important part of finding a good sustainable wine is making sure that the grapes are handpicked."

“This seems silly,” Ross admits, reading our minds. “Duh, like, of course the grapes are picked. But it's not that easy." She conjures an image of mechanical harvesting, "which uses a huge machine that just goes down the vines and, like, whips up everything off the vine. You don't know what that machine is picking up." Gross.

Ross then demonstrates manual picking. “It is a person, looking at a grape, and knowing that this grape is a quality grape," she explains.

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The journey of a grape from vineyard to glass becomes a tale of destiny in Ross's hand. So choose your wine wisely, and whatever you do, do not let a drop go to waste and let down that grape or that harvester.

Unsure where to start your sustainable handpicked wine journey? Ross suggests a bottle of J. Brix Counoise.

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She nearly fumbles over the name in her signature style, admitting, "I always want to say 'koo-nwah,' but it's not. ... It has the in it, but I don't speak French, so, I don't know."

We see you, Marissa. As if a wine reviewer of your stature could ever make such a mistake.

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(But just in case, don't embarrass yourself like she does, reader; it's pronounced coon-wahz.)

It's a red, "basically the color of the dress I'm wearing right now," says Ross. (It's likely that her wardrobe in these videos is provided by Reformation, which goes refreshingly light on dropping its name in this marketing campaign; Ross even remarks that her dress is "extremely tight.")

First she goes for the nose, describing its scent as "super bright cranberry" and moving on to its taste of "spiced strawberry." Sounds like the perfect summer red!

As for J. Brix's more metaphorical qualities, Ross claims "it's exactly like that dancing red dress emoji!"

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In a further nod to relatability, it passes Ross's unique chuggability test.

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Watch the second episode below:

And in case you missed the first episode of the adorable Drink Sustainably series, Ross reviewed a sustainable rosé she described as "a really sexy beach date in a bottle." Fans of rosé (and Ross) should check it out.

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