Overworked and Underpaid Detroit Teachers Shut Down Nearly all Public Schools: The Legislature Shrugs

A couple of days ago it was reported that Detroit Public Schools would not be able to meet payroll at the end of June, this year.

Steven Rhodes, a former federal bankruptcy judge, said that $48.7 million in supplemental funding approved by the Michigan legislature last month would allow paychecks for all employees only through the end of June.

He urged state lawmakers to approve a $715 million rescue plan that would create a new Detroit Education Commission, with broad authority to control new school openings for the next five years.

When not wasting tax-payer money trying to keep himself out of jail, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is probably cursing electronic mail’s inability to be shreddedThe Lord only knows, Governor Rick Snyder isn’t doing much of anything for the actual people of Michigan. Today, the teachers in Detroit’s Public School system organized and called a “sick-out” strike—calling in “sick” and closing down the school system.

A massive teacher sickout shut down 94 schools in Detroit Public Schools today, as teachers protested Saturday's news that the district won't be able to pay them past June 30.

The district enrolls about 46,000 students in 97 schools.

The Detroit Federation of Teachers on Sunday called for the mass sick-out of the district's 2,600 teachers.

Teachers are overworked, under-supported, underpaid, and also happen to be in charge of the lion’s share of responsibility of taking care of our children and educating them. What does Rick Snyder have to say?

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says a sick-out that has closed all but three of Detroit's public schools is "not constructive" and hampers efforts to persuade lawmakers to approve a $720 million rescue package for the ailing district.

The governor told reporters in Flint on Monday that he hopes the House approves the Senate-passed legislation this month, but the sick-out "probably raises more questions and challenges to legislators."

Is it not “constructive?” Let’s not forget that Governor Rick Snyder has shown that when it comes to spending money on the citizens of Michigan’s health and welfare, he is criminally negligent and should not only be fired as a Governor but should probably spend some time behind bars thinking about how much of a shit-heel he is. Lacking funding for public education is yet another, very obvious, attack on the children of Michigan—Detroit has far and away the largest school system in Michigan.


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