May the 4th Be With You: 6 Star Wars-Costumed Pets Who Perfectly Sum up Election 2016

This presidential election season has been as hectic as a cantina scene. Thankfully, the internet has delivered some respite on unofficial Star Wars holiday May 4. (As in, "May the fourth be with you.")

To lighten the tension, here are the fuzziest Star Wars fans as they relate to the 2016 candidates for president. Please note that no animals, Wookies or Jeb Bushes were harmed in the making of this article (to our knowledge). Although John Kasich's campaign didn't make it through the day of this article's posting...

1. Bernie Sanders as Yoda. We'll start with the obvious comparison of Bernie Sanders to the wise Yoda. Both have a lovable and often imitated linguistic affectation.

"Ate your pizza, I have" -Doug

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May The Furce Be With You @Petco #StarWarsPets #Petco #sp

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Following CNN's badgering to get Bernie to quit after his upset victory in the Indiana primary, Bernie replied, "Accept not this concession do I."

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2. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as Ewoks. Ewoks are not exactly known for their stature or threat. While they are slow to learn the tools or technology of the fight, they can overpower a few humans. Also using Stone Age political campaigning were the fallen GOP candidates Marco Rubio (whom Donald Trump would point out is of diminutive Wookie-like stature) and Jeb Bush. Cute try, guys!

May The 4th be with you today :). #maythe4thbewithyou #dogsofinstagram

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Unfortunately they don't make Jar Jar Binks costumes for dogs, or else we'd add to the mix one of the 15 fallen GOP candidates we do NOT want to reappear by any means.

3. John Kasich as Jabba the Hutt. And on to John Kasich: He can't seem to stop stuffing his face on the campaign trail, and he loves to keep women from freedom of their bodies. Do you see where we're going with this? Yep, Jabba the Hutt.

#bringmesolo #maythe4thbewithyou

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And that brings us to our grand fluffy Star Wars finale showdown, the presumptive GOP candidate and the Democratic Party frontrunner.

4. Hillary Clinton as Princess Leia. There aren't many strong leading women in the early days of the franchise, just as Hillary Clinton is the lone woman among a galaxy of male contenders. People seem to obsess over her hair.

A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on

5. Hillary's "woman card" as BB-8. And she keeps having to bat Donald Trump's contentions that she's playing the "woman card," which she totally dismantled and turned into a good thing.

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She isn't playing. She means business.

6. Trump guessed it! Come on, who else but Darth Vader could he be aligned with?

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Will this election end up being a showdown between Trump (as evil as Vader) and Clinton, who has been accused of robotically reacting (perhaps R2-D2 style) to what voters want to see?

We know we've left out some important characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker. But after this super-long presidential primary season, voters seem reluctant to see any hint of a protagonist to get behind, flaws and all.

So with that, we wish to all of you Americans, both on this Star Wars holiday and over the next few months before the general election: May the fourth be with you!


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