6 Most Hilarious Examples of Anti-Trump Art

The negative reactions to Donald Trump’s campaign range from nausea, fear and anxiety to an increase in celebrities threatening to move to Canada. For those of us aghast and despairing that America has lost its collective marbles as he continues to win primaries, fear not: there is a silver lining. Artists have found delightful ways to protest the Donald. Read on for six examples of how artists, musicians and even sex-toy makers have subverted the image and message of the bewildering candidate.

1. Hanksy’s 'Dump Across America'

Street art prankster and pun master Hanksy (moniker playing off Banksy) thinks Donald Trump is a piece of crap, and he wants everyone to know it. As an pseudonymous artist whose work is at times just south of legal, speaking at rallies would blow his cover, so he made paint his megaphone. On a wall on New York City’s Lower East Side, Hanksy depicted the Republican frontrunner’s face on a pile of poop, complete with a bright yellow toupee. The pile is surrounded by flies (the Trump cabinet, perhaps?). This is a far cry from the cute poop emoji.

Not in New York? Visit DumpAcrossAmerica.com to download posters and join what Hanksy dubs “the (Bowel) Movement.”

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Photo Credit: Ilana Novick

2. Fernando Sosa's Donald Trump Butt Plug

Ever wanted to bring Trump into the bedroom? Sure, it’s not the sexiest of political fantasies (Justin Trudeau, anyone?), but there’s a subversive thrill in store for those who purchase Fernando Sosa’s 3D-printed butt plug shaped like the candidate. He was inspired to create the butt plugs in response to Trump’s anti-immigration platform, according to the product description. Sosa adds:

I'm no rapist and no drug dealer. I have a college degree in 3D animation and run my own 3D printing business and guess what? I can make you into any shape I want and 3D print you and sell you to others who share a dislike of you. You can threaten to sue me like you have done hundreds of times to others. But you are a public figure and my making you into a butt plug is Freedom of Speech. Welcome to America, Mother Fucker!!

Now you can really show Trump where to shove it. Available now from Sosa’s Shapeways online store.


Photo Credit: Screenshot via Shapeways.com/designer/mstyle183

3. t. Rutt’s 'Make Fruit Punch Great Again'

David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic of art collective t. Rutt learned from Rachel Maddow that Donald Trump’s former Iowa campaign bus was for sale on Craigslist, everyone’s favorite repository of furniture, roommates and repurposed bachelor party buses. Gleeson flew to Iowa the next day to buy it, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the stripper pole from its former life was still intact. The political art collective transformed the bus into a protest vehicle, which they’ve taken to Trump rallies and art fairs around the country. A little red paint transformed Make America Great Again into Make Fruit Punch Great Again. On the other side, they wrote: “T.RUTT: #WomenTrumpTrump,” an objection to the campaign’s relentless attacks on women. One window now displays a list called “My Struggle,” which includes reminders to “not cheat at golf” and “to not hate.” Every night, Gleeson gets on top of the bus with a golf club and hits a ball featuring Trump’s face, which sounds like the world’s most satisfying use of a golf club. “We’re driving Trump into the sunset,” Gleeson told art website Hyperallergic.


Photo Credit: t.Rutt/Flickr Creative Commons

4. Plastic Jesus’ 'No Trump Parking'

He may not be able to prevent Trump from winning the California primary, but Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus wants to make sure Trump can’t park. Plastic Jesus’ latest installation is a series of altered No Parking signs, stenciled to read “No Trump Parking.” “For me, to consider the effect that Donald Trump could have on the nation as a whole could be pretty devastating,” the artist explained in an interview with CBS LA.

Like Hanksy, Plastic Jesus prefers to remain anonymous, so installations are his best option for making his opinion known. In addition to four locations in Los Angeles, there are No Trump Parking signs in Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and Miami.


Photo Credit: Screenshot via CBSLA

5. Trumpkins  

Worried your Halloween jack-o'-lantern isn’t scary enough? When fangs and horns won’t do the trick, consider carving the presidential candidate who wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, hates abortion rights and has declared he'd like to ban Muslims from the U.S. Last Halloween, a number of pumpkin-carving enthusiasts depicted Donald Trump’s likeness on their gourds, including Ohio resident Jeanette Paras’ 374-pounder and the blond wonder below. See an entire gallery of Trumpkins on Yahoo News.


Photo credit: Xplicit Showclub/Flickr Creative Commons

6. YG and Nipsey Hussle’s 'YDT'

As AlterNet reported earlier this week, rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle released “YDT,” in March, which includes the line “Donald Trump spent his trust fund money on the vote.” The entire track is a "blistering assault on the GOP frontrunner,” and earned the duo the wrath of the Trump campaign. Watch and listen for yourself here:


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