Watch: Tribeca Film Festival's 'The Bomb' Puts Viewers at the Center of a Nuclear Explosion

The Bomb” is a multimedia lesson in the unsettling reality of nuclear weapons today and premieres this Saturday in the Tribeca Film Festival. The closing night event of the festival, “The Bomb” is as much a movie as it is a white-knuckle experience.

Watch: AlterNet interviewed Smriti Keshari, co-creator of “The Bomb," ahead of the New York City premiere:

After Tribeca, "The Bomb" will be screened worldwide, traveling to London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A virtual reality version may also be on the horizon, Keshari hopes.

"The Bomb" was created by Smriti Keshari and Eric Schlosser and staged by United Visual Artists. “I’d been thinking about this idea of challenging the one-way, one-directional relationship of film, and it was around this time that I was reading Eric [Schlosser]’s book Command and Control, which was an inspiration,” said Keshari. “[The project] provides a visceral emotional journey into the heart of the weapon. We’re going to be building giant screens, have projectors all over the platform for the band.”

But there’s a historic context also. “For a generation that didn’t grow up during the arms race, or the Cold War, or even the Cuban missile crisis, the gravity of these weapons doesn’t have that same effect,” Keshari explained. 

The groundbreaking installation immerses the viewer in a 360 degree explosion over the course of nearly an hour.

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"The Bomb" will be assembled over the next 24 hours in New York Gotham Hall, one day before it premieres.

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