Watch: Trump Supporter's Hilarious Defense for Why the Donald Almost Never Goes into Specifics

Donald Trump has been struggling to gain more women voters, particularly since his controversial comments on abortion and his campaign manager was charged with battery of Michelle Fields. But one female supporter isn't rattled all by his policies. She also can't name one.
At a Donald Trump rally in Milwaukee this week, The Young Turks politics campaign reporter Jordan Chariton interviewed Erika Falk, a local resident and ardent Trump fan, as Chariton pointed out.
“[Since] this isn’t your first event, what’s your favorite policy of his?” Chariton asked. And that’s where the interview took a turn for the weird.
“I really don’t have a favorite policy but I really like Donald Trump because he is a U.S. citizen and he is an entrepreneur and what he says is what he’s going to do,” Falk told the reporter.
“You led with he’s a U.S. citizen,” he said. “You think the current president isn’t a U.S. citizen?” 
“No comment on that,” Falk answered. Turning back to Trump, she explained that, “He’s built many hotels. I’ve been to his Miami Golf course, amazing. And the Donald Trump Chicago Building, it’s an incredible building."
“But there’s gotta be at least one policy of his that drew you in," the reporter pressed. "I think. I would hope. Because he gets criticized that he’s not specific about what he’s going to do."
“Well, if you’re a businessman [like Trump] you don’t just give away your ideas 'cause you don’t want other people to take your ideas,” Falk explained.
“But you’re trying to convince people to vote for you to become president, so don’t you need to give them something to go on?” asked Chariton. 
“Yes," Falk admitted. "I think he does pretty good. What he says is what he’s gonna do and whatever policies that he has out there he will find the correct people to work those policies and get them done and get them done in a timely manner. He will fix the problem right away, as soon as possible. I trust him 100%.” 
Falk is a florist and the owner of Erica's Blooming Inspirations, a small business in the Milwaukee area. She believes Trump can do a lot for the economy simply by building more hotels.
“He said [at the last event] in Green Bay that he’s actually going to be building another hotel. So there’s 5,000-6,000 more jobs right there,” Falk claimed.
“So, third time's a charm; no policy, just Trump?” Chariton asked. “Just Trump,” Falk answered.

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