WATCH: Why We Might Really Think Ted Cruz Is Dangerous

The mini-documentary "The True Story of Ted Cruz" begs Republican voters to consider the principled conservative Ted Cruz is. Some people say it could change the course of the election when people realize how good a candidate Ted Cruz is. Some people were also paid to say that. 
The republican nomination is a two-man race now. While pundits have already "given" this nomination election to Trump, Cruz appears to be the only one of the three remaining contenders who will battle him out till the end. Establishment republicans aren’t as nervous about Trump’s incessant bigotry as they are the fact Trump has been "liberal" in the past on certain issues. Cruz supporter claim that the US hasn’t had a conservative candidate as strong as Cruz since Ronald Reagan. 
Ted Cruz has a no-compromise stance on guns.
Trump may have the lead, but it’s actually weakened quite a bit this year. On Super Saturday, with the exception of Kentucky, which was far and away Trump's best performance of the night, Cruz surged past the rest of the pack, racking up more delegates (69) than the frontrunner billionaire (53). By night's end, he and Trump only 234 votes out of the 622,579 cast separated them. That night, Texas senator closed a gap that by most pundits' predictions would only widen after March 1. 
"The finish in Louisiana was particularly noteworthy," NRO's Rich Lowry pointed out. "Trump had built up a big lead in the early voting, so big that the networks called it for Trump almost immediately on that basis, but Trump's margin steadily eroded away as the votes that has been cast today came in. This was a sign that something had hurt Trump over the last several days—there are many things to choose from, but the debate looms particularly large." Of the Louisiana votes actually cast on primary day, Cruz edged out Trump by .4 percent. Throughout his political career, people have counted Cruz out. The same thing happened when he ran for the Senate, and the polls weren't in his favor. He didn't give up then—and it's clear he isn't giving up now. Momentum is on Ted's side, as more voters realize that this is a two-man race if America wants a constitutional conservative.
“Ted not only clerked at the United States Supreme Court, but even at his young age he’s argued more cases at the Supreme Court than any attorney in the state of Texas. Ted took cases he believed in  To have someone who’s well spoken, who believes in the Constitution, there’s a rare combination. That’s why people on the opposite side can’t help but tip a hat to him and say that he’s very dangerous.” Or maybe it’s because Ted Cruz really is the zodiac killer
Watch: "The True Story of Ted Cruz" below

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