Watch: Incoherent Trump Supporters Have Cartoonish Notions of What Trump Is All About

Election '16

While the media continues to highlight racist Trumpsupporters, some, believe it or not, relate to Trump's racism as much as his prosperity: very little.

Young Turks politics reporter Jordan Chariton spoke to supporters of Donald Trump at the politician's rally in West Chester, Ohio on March 13. He found out just how gullible some Americans are. 

“I think Trump is honest," Ralph Lee told Chariton. "We don’t need a Barack in office no more, because he’s a liar. He can’t be direct. Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He believes in taking away all our freedoms. He’ll control the way we eat, the way we sleep, the way we live."

"How’s Bernie Sanders gonna control all that?" Chariton asked Lee.

"He’ll find a way," Lee insisted. "Bernie Sanders believes in socialism. Hitler was also a socialist."

"He was a facist," Chariton corrects him. Lee didn't seem to understand the difference.

Another supporter, Robert Wright, said that despite Trump dominating corporate airways with his message, the Republican candidate is actually vicimized.

"I’m for Trump ‘cause he’s being bullied by the government and they need to be together," Wright said. When asked about the frequent counterprotests Trump has encountered, he defended the candidate. "I’m not racist and I don’t think he’s racist,” though Wright admitted he would have liked Trump to denounce the KKK on CNN.

Chariton then turned to policy. 

"What is [Trump] going to do for your life?" Chariton asked Ralph Lee.

Lee wondered too.

"I know he doesn’t really get into detail with a lot of his issues and that’s something I don’t agree with a lot," Lee admitted. "But he’s a businessman and he’s made himself a lot of money, so maybe he’ll help America."

Aside from support of the Second Amendment, Lee couldn't find a lot of common ground with the GOP frontrunner. In fact, he doesn’t even agree with Trump’s Muslim ban or his bigoted remarks toward Mexicans, which the #NeverTrump crowd (made up of both Democrats and Republicans) frequently cites as inexcusable.

"There are a lot of white terrorists," Lee told the reporter when asked about Trump's ideas. "Terrorism doesn’t have to do with color. I support him for the most part, but you can’t agree with everybody 100 percent. That’s why I come here, to see what he really has to say, in person.”

That sounds more undecided to me.

Watch the full segment below:

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