Watch: Elizabeth Warren to Colbert: 'Calling Donald Trump for Help Is Like Calling an Arsonist if Your House Is on Fire'

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Late Show host Stephen Colbert wasn't about to give any free passes last night. And Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren, a favorite guest, is used to toughing it out and resisted his questions about her Democratic endorsement. 

"People are having a really hard time now," Warren told Colbert, when he asked if she was surprised by how well Bernie Sanders has done. "People who work hard and play but the rules are having a hard time getting ahead, and Washington is not working for them. I think Bernie Sanders gets out there and makes that case and I think Hillary Clinton gets out there and makes that case."

Colbert wasn't having it.

"Bernie Sanders is calling for a revolution,"  he reminded her. "Hillary Clinton is not calling for a revolution. She believes in slow and steady changes. Which one appeals to you more, Elizabeth Warren?"

Warren has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate, which, given her popularity could swing voters. "Let’s be clear where the differences are," Warren explained. "Democrats are out there fighting for things that affect America’s families. For example, 70% of young people today have got to borrow money in order to go to college. So between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, they’re talking about, should it be free college or debt-free college. God bless, that is the right place to have the discussion."

Many wish Warren had run for president, because she's "kind of like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.. [a] Voltron candidate," as Colbert puts it. "Don’t you wish you had jumped in and been part of the mix?” he asked her. 

“Look I get out there every single day and do what the people of Massachusetts sent me to do," Warren said. "I’m fighting for working families, I’m fighting to hold people’s feet to the fire. I’m fighting for more cops on Wall street, our students, our seniors. This is a fabulous job.”

But Colbert pointed out that Donald Trump—who Warren slammed on Twitter weeks ago—has some things in common with the Massachusetts senator. But Warren wants Colbert to look closer. 

“Donald Trump is out for one guy and that guy’s name is Donald Trump,” Warren told Colbert. “Trump knows that there’s change and so the question is, what’s going to happen from that. We have an economy that’s in real trouble. But when the economy is in this kind of trouble, calling on Donald Trump for help is like if your house in on fire, calling an arsonist. He started out rich and he cheated his way to getting richer. That is not going to build an America for hard-working people.”  

Watch: Warren shares her views:

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