The Remaining Oregon Occupiers Are Posting Videos of Themselves You Can't Help But Laugh at


Flogging a dead horse might be the best way to describe the ongoing occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Center in rural Oregon by a group of anti-government extremists who took over the reserve more than a month ago. Following the arrests of most of the group’s leaders and death of group member LaVoy Finicum two weeks ago, the remaining handful of occupiers have remained steadfast in the pursuit of their idea of justice. In homage to their fallen comrade, the remaining few have renamed themselves “Camp Finicum.”

For the benefit of those interested in this conservative cavalcade, the group has continued contact with the outside world, posting regular updates to YouTube like some ill-fated political performance art series.

In the video below, self-proclaimed tech guru of the group David Fry introduces the world to Camp Finicum. The purpose of this video seems to be the display of a bible belonging to the camp’s eponymous forebear. Fry describes the find as “quite a miracle to us.” It’s hard to pinpoint what’s more tragic: Fry’s definition of a miracle, or the fact that it seems it will take a true one for him and his cohorts to reconsider their current ignoble stand.

This next video is titled “When Will We Rise Against the Enemy?” It’s unclear from Fry who exactly the “we” are here, but if it’s anything like his liberal use of the word miracle (“It’s nothing more than a miracle I’m able to get these videos out”), this may be a somewhat relative term.

It’s day 13 of “false imprisonment,” according to Sandy Anderson in the following video that sees her and husband Sean thanking people for their support. By this stage it seems Sean and Sandy are mostly holding onto the hope of avoiding criminal charges come the inevitable end to their Zuccotti Park moment. Rather than unlawful occupation, Sandy describes their actions as “peacefully protesting injustice,” with Sean following, “and exercising our first and our second,” as he counts the amendments on two fingers, “Peace.”

Posted just two days ago, this next video, titled “Shove your charges where the sun dont [sic] shine!” marks Fry’s turn from his prior righteous calls to arms, to something more closely resembling another critical piece of the YouTube canon, Gingers Do Have Souls!!

Calling the next one “FBI throwing tantrums!” firmly cements Fry’s status as a kettle-accusing crackpot. Along with an apparent lack of irony, Fry seems to posses a wry sense of humor in describing strewn plastic bottles as fortification to “even out the odds.”

There really are no words for this next video apart from the creepy realization that someone sat through that whole dance filming it (At 1:08 the cameraman at least gets a cup of coffee for his efforts.)

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