Bernie Has More Supporters Than Trump, Gets 4% of Coverage

Election '16

Let's put our cards on the table. Donald J. Trump has no chance to be elected president.

Everyone knows it. The RNC knows it. The MSM knows it. Everyone who can do basic math knows it.

That’s not me saying it, either. That’s the finding from the RNC's 2012 "autopsy report". The GOP needs 40% of the Latino vote to win. Romney didn't come close. The current GOP crop is doing worse. And then there is Trump. See this super long line? That is Trump's unfavorability among Latinos: a record 51% . Yes, it was back in August but if anything, it has gotten worse.  

Add in his (justifiably) high negatives with just about every other constituency (women, Jews, African-Americans, etc.), on top of the Muslim voting bloc in the battleground states, and you have yourself a colossal why the f*** are we even pretending?

Well, Trump has a lot of supporters, as we are told.

Compared to the rest of the GOP field, that's true. Why wouldn't it be? Trump has it all. Trash-talking racist AND a desire to bang his own kin? Wow. That's a trailer trash dreamboat.

In a crowded field, he is currently polling at 34% among GOP. That's a lot of people.

Someone else running for president named Bernie Sanders is currently polling at 33% among Democrats. That’s a lot more people. The percentage of Americans who identify as Democrats is 32% compared to only 23% of Republicans, ergo Bernie has many more supporters than the Donald.

Yes, Bernie is a longshot candidate against Hillary. However, unlike Donald Trump, Bernie has an actual shot of becoming president. His rallies are epic; (Trump bragged about the 2,000 people at his last rally—sooo adorable); he has a big lead in New Hampshire; and he crushes Trump in a head-to-head matchup. Yet the second likeliest person in this race to become president has been almost completely shut out of the mainstream news media.  

For 2015, the nightly news programs for NBC, CBS, and ABC devoted 234 total network minutes for Trump.

Bernie got 10 minutes. That's it—for an entire year!

Even worse: CBS and NBC made up over nine of those minutes. From the same article, you see that ABC News devoted less than one minute of coverage to Bernie Sanders for all of 2015. You read that right. Less than one minute. C'mon, ABC News. Let’s make a New Year’s pledge to try to be a news network this year, okay? (And you are not off to a good start.)

Even if you are a network president in the tank for Donald Trump, you can’t justify this lopsided coverage. Either Hillary or Bernie is going to win come November, and either way, Bernie’s ideas will live last long past the election. Trust me.  I know you don’t think this is true, but Americans would rather hear about jobs, tuition-free college, and fixing the income gap as opposed to which protestor got spit on or what name Trump called Jeb this week. Just try it and see!

But you are going to have to give it at least a full minute this year.

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