Poll: Half of America Would Be Mortified if Trump Won Presidency

It’s hard to be ambivalent about Donald Trump, and most Americans have an opinion on what a Trump presidency would be like. Half of the U.S., apparently, regards Trump as a national source of shame. That’s according to a Quinnipiac University poll out today, which finds 50 percent of American voters say they would be “embarrassed to have Trump as president.” Conversely, the number of voters who said a Trump presidency would make them proud stood at just 23 percent.

When asked about a Hillary Clinton presidency, 33 percent of respondents said they’d be proud to have the former Secretary of State as president. Thirty-five percent said they’d be “embarrassed” to have Clinton as commander-in-chief.

Trump still leads his Republican rivals in the race for the party’s presidential nomination, but nearly a third of GOPers polled, 28 percent, say they "would definitely not support" Trump in his presidential aspirations. A few more findings from survey respondents:

  • 58 percent say Trump is not honest and trustworthy;
  • 58 percent say he has strong leadership qualities;
  • 57 percent say he does not care about their needs and problems;
  • 61 percent say he does not share their values.

Additionally, 67 percent of those questioned, regardless of political affiliation, said Trump does not have the experience to be president and 53 percent said he does not have a good chance of winning in the general election.

When that question was posed only to Republicans, Trump fared far better: a whopping 70 percent of GOPers say they believe Trump has a good chance of winning.

Trump’s lead has shrunk considerably in recent weeks. While he still heads up the Republican lot with 28 percent of GOP voter support, Ted Cruz has narrowed the gap, and now has 24 percent. Matched against Democrats, however, Trump consistently comes up short, according to the poll. In a matchup against Hillary Clinton, Trump would lose 47 to 40 percent. Against Bernie Sanders, Trump fares even worse, with Sanders beating the billionaire 51 to 38 percent.

"Half of American voters say they'd be embarrassed to have Donald Trump as their commander-in-chief,” says Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, “and most Americans think he doesn't have a good chance in November, but there he is still at the top of the Republican heap. Hillary Clinton tops him. Sen. Bernie Sanders hammers him and Sen. Ted Cruz is snapping at his heels. Can a candidate that half the American electorate thinks is an embarrassment win in November?" 

Quinnipiac questioned 1,140 registered voters across the country in the poll, including 508 Republicans. Read the results on the Quinnipiac site.


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