How Did CNN Just Happen to Find Two of the Nuttiest Donald Trump Supporters on the Planet?

The CNN interview with the crazy bug-eyed lunatic—sorry, with this patriotic and super-passionate Trump supporter—raises so many wonderful questions. For those that missed it, CNN conducted a group interview with Trump supporters to see what they fancied about the gerbil-topped menace, and the star of the show turned out to be the Jus' Folks woman who (ahem) rather emphatically explained that while politicians like our sitting president are all filthy liars, Donald Trump is a not-politician not-liar who "resonates" with people like her.

But the Jus' Folks woman and her husband, also on the panel, aren't just some random people plucked off the street. CNN didn't bother to mention, or check, that the pair are as notoriously batshit crazy as you can get, even by New Hampshire standards.

Susan DeLemus was elected in 2010 as a Republican to the state House of Representatives. In 2011, she was one of the state lawmakers who fought to keep Obama’s name off state ballots because they believed he was a “treasonous liar” who wasn’t born in the States, according to the Atlantic.

“It just makes me want to throw up,” Rep. Susan DeLemus had said at the time. “Let’s just bury the Constitution now and have a funeral.”

It is uncanny that one of the state's most notorious birther conspiracy theorists just happens to have hitched her wagon to the Republican presidential candidate who most prominently worked to popularize those theories. It's even more uncanny that it didn't come up during the broadcast.

As for her husband, also selected by CNN to represent the good wholesome folks drawn to vote for Fascist Ferret for completely innocent and not-at-all batshit crazy reasons, he too has had a turn or two in the ol' news cycle.

As "commander" during the Bundy Ranch standoff, he helped organize the militia effort to block government officials from enforcing grazing laws at gunpoint: "We are willing to give our lives," he opined at the time. He's also the Bundy militia chief who says he sent Las Vegas cop-killers Jerad and Amanda Miller home from the Bundy camp because the murderer was just too "excitable."

“Believe me, if I would have been in that restaurant, armed, and I’d have seen them shooting at those police, I’d have shot them myself,” Delemus said. “I’d have dropped them as sure as we’re sitting here.”

The plight of true heroes everywhere—they could have saved the day for sure, had they not been stuck pointing their guns at someone else at the time.

So here's the question: How exactly did CNN just happen to stumble on two of the most radical anti-government conspiracy peddlers in the nation for a "Real Voters, Real Choices"-themed panel about Donald Trump's down-home 'Merican supporters? I'm not saying they're not representative, mind you, but that's one amazing coincidence. Did they just take the first Trump supporters they could find who weren't currently punching immigrants?

And did nobody on CNN think to, you know, maybe run their panel participants through an ol' Google search?

Again, I am more than willing to believe that unhinged birther lunatic Susan DeLemus and her Bundy-loving gun-toting potentially gubbermint-murdering husband are the true face of the Donald Trump "movement." I just wonder if everyone involved recognizes the implications of that.


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