'Gods of Egypt' Trailer Is Pretty Darn White

The trailer for the film Gods of Egypt, a massive, big-budget blockbuster—or just as likely, a bottomless money-pit for the record books—went online a couple of days ago. The messages the trailer seems to convey include: 1) always go bigger with the CGI effects, no matter how cartoonish they look; 2) it’s time to bring back the sand worms from Beetlejuice, only CGI-ier; 3) add fire until you cannot add any more fire and then keep adding fire; 4) use so much money on your CGI effects that you can only afford a comical, totally fake-looking wig for one of your main characters; and 5) make sure 99.9 percent of the actors—who are supposed to be in Egypt, a place in Northern Africa—are white. Maybe toss a token brown-skinned god in there (Chadwick Boseman as “Thoth”), but don’t get crazy or anything.

This is definitely not the first time Hollywood has whitewashed a film that should be cast with people of color; not even in very, very recent history. Remember Exodus: Gods and Kings? Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? The Last Airbender? Just a few examples out of many, but they prove a recurring pattern.

I get that there are scant few Hollywood directors trying to oppose white supremacy by, you know, being historically accurate in casting. That is not a thing that is a big priority in that town! But studies show that films with casts that are diverse—which is really just a way of saying there a few people of color here and there—make more money. Is Hollywood so opposed to using people of color it will cast against its own pocketbook? Because it sure seems like it.

Anyway, the trailer is below. Enjoy its blinding whiteness and never-ending fire for yourself:

(h/t Colorlines)


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