Conservative Politician Posts Pics of Corpses in Paris to Gin Up Anti-Muslim Hatred

Tom Tancredo, the man who founded a political action committee appropriately named Team America, recently took to Facebook to post pictures of corpses from Paris to gin up anti-Muslim and anti-immigration sentiments. Tancredo, a two-time loser in his bid to become governor of his home state of Colorado and an unsuccessful candidate for the presidency, suggested “diversity” would lead to another massacre. He also accused the man who defeated him, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, of creating a “sanctuary state for Muslim terrorists.”

Tancredo’s first post, dated November 17, is a picture of piles of dead bodies on the bloodstained floor of the Bataclan concert hall, where CNN reports some 80 people were murdered. The photo is captioned at the top, “CELEBRATING DIVERSITY. One massacre at a time.” Beneath the image, “Coming to a concert hall near you!” It states the message is, “[b]rought to you by” ISIS and Taqiyya Productions, both of which are depicted as fake “branded” logos.

The second post features the same image with different wording. At the top is a quote from Hickenlooper saying the state of Colorado will work with the federal government and Homeland Security to ensure immigrants are vigorously vetted, and that “[w]e can protect our security and provide a place where the world’s most vulnerable can rebuild their lives.” Under the image, the caption from Tancredo states, “Great idea, John. What could ‘possibly’ go wrong?”

This kind of inflammatory anti-immigration and racist rhetoric is par for the course for Tancredo, who tried to disguise his gross behavior as an attempt to provoke dialogue. Speaking to the Denver Post, Tancredo said he wants to “start a conversation," because what better way to strike a tone of civility than by using the bodies of those killed in a horrific national tragedy for your own cynical political ends? Tancredo added, “I'm referring to the fact that this tragedy (in Paris), this horror, is something you cannot contain to one country if you don't do something meaningful about immigration—a subject I've been involved in for some time—these are the kinds of things that result when you don't protect your citizens.”

Tancredo does not currently hold office. In 2009, Marcus Epstein, the executive director of Tancredo’s Team America PAC, was a pretty vocal white nationalist who in 2007 pleaded guilty to physically assaulting and using the n-word against a random black woman. (Tancredo did not fire him.) As Think Progress noted in a 2007 list of Tancredo’s most extreme statements, he has previously suggested the U.S. bomb Mecca, said Miami has “become a Third World Country,” and wants to impose literacy tests for voting, just like in the days of Jim Crow. As recently as this year, Tancredo said he would “cut off all Muslim immigration into the country” and tried to revive the idea of Muslim “no-go zones,” which even Fox admits aren’t real.

Gov. Hickenlooper responded to Tancredo the way one should when dealing with a raving maniac, which is not to dignify him with an answer. “That's beyond comment," Hickenlooper told the Denver Post. "Come on."

Even the Republican Party is basically saying Tancredo’s on his nutty own with this one.

"According to his own words, Tom Tancredo is no longer a registered Republican,” Ryan Lynch, the executive director of the Colorado Republican Party told the newspaper, “and therefore is no longer our problem.”  

Tancredo announced he was leaving the Republican Party, for the second time, last month, in the hope that someone would care. Kind of like a kid who keeps threatening to run away from home. Looks like so far, no dice.




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