VIDEO: Ann Coulter Claims She Fed Donald Trump ‘That Spicy Stuff on Mexican Rapists’


Is Ann Coulter the mastermind behind Donald Trump’s inflammatory immigration rhetoric? The conservative pundit herself apparently thinks so.

In a sit-down Saturday with “The Flipside” TV show’s approving host Michael Loftus, Coulter teased her latest book, “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” declaring it the most important of the 11 she’s published and claiming that it inspired presidential candidate and mutual admirer Donald Trump during the campaign kickoff speech heard around the world—especially in Mexico. 

“Donald Trump read it,” Coulter said during the videotaped interview, held in a small side room where this reporter happened to walk in and film without objection at the Politicon conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. “So you’re gonna understand everything that’s happening over the next year if you read it. It’s where he got that spicy stuff on Mexican rapists.”

Coulter has stumped for Trump on the campaign trail and in the media since the Republican front-runner launched his bid for America’s highest office on June 16, achieving instant global notoriety with his now-infamous remark calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and drug traffickers. 

Next, Coulter broadened her focus during her “Flipside” tête-à-tête to include the immigration struggles occurring beyond the U.S. border, folding the international refugee crisis into her argument. Why? Because, as she sees it, “Everything is decided by immigration, because that’s who votes here,” she said. Imagining a world consisting of nations peopled with matching blended populations, Coulter said, “If all countries are identical ... we’re just all Uganda.”  

Then, invoking the reliable political go-to that is the American exceptionalism trope, she added, “If we’re going to be the force of good that we’ve always been in the world, we have to save ourselves first. And now is the time; we’re at the tipping point.”

The only way out, in Coulter’s estimation, is if “Trump saves us” by winning his audacious grab for the Oval Office. If not—well, she could be out of a job. 

“I trust Americans to do the right thing on everything,” she told Loftus, “but if we don’t stop our current immigration policy, there will be no point to what I do … no point to Fox News, no point to writing political books—if I ever write another book, unless Trump gets elected, it will be a cookbook.”

Should Trump lose, Coulter’s foreshadowed career change would constitute the height of irony, moving Coulter from her self-described station as the woman behind the world’s most powerful man to just another woman in the very place where some men—even those who buy her books—might still believe she rightfully belongs. 

Watch Coulter’s exchange with Loftus in the clips posted below. In the top clip, she takes credit for playing Cyrano to Trump on the immigration issue, and in the next one, she describes the fate that awaits right-wing media, herself included, if America doesn’t change its immigration policy:

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