Here's a List of Kanye West's Lyrics that Were Silenced in His Billboard Music Awards Performance Last Night


Did you see and hear Kanye West on the Billboard Music Awards last night? I don’t mean, were you watching—I mean did you actually  see and hear him, because it was almost impossible to do either. That's because ABC censors went so overboard in trying to mute any swear words or use of “ni***a” that the performance was basically reduced to long stretches of silence. And Kanye’s own decision to perform in the middle of a pyrotechnics display meant that it was nearly impossible to see him.

What might have set things off was the fact that the set began with “All Day,” a song that makes generous use of the n-word. Censors made things go quiet when the word came up, which was often. But then something funny happened: They started to censor nearly everything, including completely innocuous phrases. Was this some sort of joke? It continued into Kanye’s second performance, “Black Skinhead.”

As proof of just how mute-button-happy the censors were, Buzzfeed rounded up all the phrases they blocked out, many of them unnecessarily.

1. You already know

2. South

3. N***a

4. Ball so hard, man, this shit cray

5. And you ain’t gettin’ money ‘less you got eight figures

6. For that Jesus piece, man, I’ve been saved

7. Just talked to Farrakhan, that’s sensei

8. Allstate n***a

9. If you run into me, better have Allstate with ya

10. You a Rico Suave n***a

11. Ride around listening to Sade

12. If you ain’t with us, you in our way

13. You actor, you should be on Broadway

14. Cause you do shit the broad way

15. Your bitch got a ass, but my broad way thicker

16. Tell your P.O. how long you been high? All day (This line was not censored in the first verse)

17. Pour some Hen out for my n***s that died

18. They need that Ye in the streets, boy

19. Like a light-skinned slave, boy, we in the motherfuckin’ house

20. My leather black jeans on

21. Middle America

22. Number one question they’re askin, fuck every question you askin’

23. If I don’t get ran out by [Catholics] (Catholics was not censored))

24. So follow me up cuz’ this shit bout to go down

25. Stop all that coon shit

26. Early morning cartoon shit

27. This is that goon shit

28. Fuck up your whole afternoon shit

29. Black out the room, bitch

30. Stop all that coon shit

31. Them n***s ain’t doing shit

32. Them n***s ain’t doing shit

33. You n***s ain’t breathin’ you gaspin’

34. These n***s ain’t ready for action

To enjoy the sounds of silence for yourself, check out the video:

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