The 6 States With the Most Outrageously High Pot Prices


You would expect marijuana to be cheaper where it is legal, and you would be right. According to data crowd-sourced from and nicely presented in map form by Frank Bi of Forbes, the legal marijuana states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington—have the cheapest pot prices in the country, ranging from a low of $204 an ounce in Oregon to a high of $294 in Alaska.

The national average price is $324 an ounce. It must be noted that these prices have to be for the US-grown, high quality sinsemilla increasingly preferred by consumers, not the much lower prices for Mexican brick weed.

Pot prices in general are lower in the West, even in states where it isn't legal. Residents of no Western state except Wyoming are paying more than $300 an ounce, and the price in some Western medical marijuana states is as low as the price in the legal states. In California, for instance, where the medical marijuana law is so broadly written as to amount to de facto personal legalization, the going rate is $243, while in Nevada it's $265 and in Montana it's $266.

East of the Mississippi, prices are over $300 an ounce in every state except medical marijuana Michigan ($285) and home cultivation mecca Florida ($299).

Below are the six most expensive places to score weed (it would have been five, but we had a tie), along with some speculation about why this is so. Without further ado:

1.      North Dakota, $387/ounce.  It's a long way from North Dakota to anywhere, including states where a lot of pot is being grown legally. And North Dakota is a long way from legalizing weed—the legislature killed even medical this year.

2.      Vermont, $367/ounce. At those prices, you can see why they want to legalize it in the Green Mountain State. Although one has to wonder why those Green Mountains aren't producing enough illicit green get prices down.

3.      Virginia, $363/ounce.  Dopers in the Old Dominion are paying out the nose for their buds. Northern Virginia is right across the Potomac from DC, where it is legal, but DC doesn't allow sales, and even in the District, the average price is $346/ounce.

4.      Iowa, $362/ounce. There's hundreds of miles of Interstate 80 in Nebraska sitting between pot producing Colorado and the Iowa border, and it's even further from the West Coast. Those highway patrolmen lurking like vultures along the route help ensure that Iowans pay a premium for their pot.

5.      Pennsylvania and South Dakota, $360/ounce. The two states have little in common except for the high price of weed. South Dakota suffers from the same marijuana malaise as neighboring North Dakota and Iowa, while the Keystone State is just paying slightly higher than typical East Coast prices, which are mostly in the $340 to $350 range, except for Rhode Island ($314) and Maine ($305).

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